What is Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy involves using medicinal chemicals to treat some of the life threatening diseases like cancer and tumors.  Chemotherapy involves the process in which the cancer cells are destroyed. Besides using chemicals there are also other medications and antibiotics that are used to treat any disease through the process of Chemotherapy. The chemical known as Cytotoxic is used in preventing numerous cancer cells from multiplying in to more cells. Thus another word for chemotherapy is also called as cytotoxic medication treatment. 

Inception of Chemotherapy:
It was during the World War II in a military operation that some of the defense personnel got exposed to the mustard gas. While preceding with the blood tests it was found that the sailors are detected with substantial lower amount of white blood cells that usually grow at a faster speed when a person suffers from a cancer disease. This new invention led several doctor’s to try and inject the chemicals with the mustard gas into the patients suffering from cancer disease and found a remarkable improvement in their health.

With a further in-depth research on other substances that could also possibly retard the growth of cancerous cells, many new drugs were eventually invented. In recent times, you will find 100 categories of chemotherapy drugs that can effectively treat different kinds of cancers.   Doctors are able to easily target chemotherapy through a Genetic test and provide the chemical injected treatment for specific kinds of cancers only. For example if a person is diagnosed with a Breast cancer, chemotherapy may not be considered as an appropriate treatment to prevent it. 

The Working Process of Chemotherapy:

  • Chemotherapy helps to slow down the growth of cancer cells especially when the disease is at an advanced stage and there is no possibly of recovery even after adopting other means of treatment.
  • Chemotherapy also helps in promoting the effectiveness of other alternative treatments such as a surgery, radiotherapy and other therapies adopted to fight cancer.
  • Many times chemotherapy can effectively eradicate the cancerous disease and cure a person suffering from cancer completely.
  • Chemotherapy also helps in delaying the process of surgery as required in case of any tumor removal surgery by reducing the growth of cancerous cells.
  • Chemotherapy involves injecting chemo drugs into the patient’s bloodstream to attack the cancerous cells within the entire body and prevent its further division and growth.

Chemotherapy helps to relieve several symptoms of cancer in patients who are diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer. The Chemo drugs tend to work far effectively in impairing cancerous cells, targeting and attacking food course and hormones that cause cancer cells growth and also block the blood vessels causing supply of tumors.