What is CHF

CHF is the abbreviation for Congestive Heart Failure and it is a very acute problem faced by thousands and thousands of people all over the world nowadays. The symptoms to this grave disease typically begin very slowly and may only be recognized when you put yourself through some kind of physical activity. But when CHF starts taking a serious toll on your body you feel a shortness of breath and other such symptoms even in times of rest. When one has this condition, he or she’s heart fails and becomes inefficient or is too weak to pump blood.

This condition of the heart is truly a long term condition. It usually involves both sides of our hearts. That said, this condition can only affect one side of the heart too. This means that just the right or the left side can suffer from this condition at one time. In that case it is known as left sided heart failure or right sided heart failure respectively. This condition occurs when the muscles in your heart have become too weak and cannot pump blood outside of the heart in a effective manner. This condition is also known as systolic heart failure. In another situation when the muscles in your heart become really stiff and do let the blood to fill up easily, it is known as diastolic heart failure. Both of these conditions can easily be fatal.

Basically in any kind of heart failure, your heart becomes incapable of pumping adequate amount of oxygen rich blood to the remainder of your body. You feel the seriousness of this condition especially while you exercise or exert yourself.

CHF has a number of symptoms and causes. These symptoms always tend to develop and show their tendencies very slowly, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot be affected suddenly. These patients are likely to get a heart attack or other such heart problems. As said before, in the beginning, one with CHF will only start feeling these conditions when he exerts himself but slowly and steadily even in times of rest he will experience these symptoms. Few of the very common symptoms for congestive heart failure are shortness of breath while lying down or while exerting yourself, swelling in your legs or ankles due to the pooling of blood, low blood pressure, irregular and rapid pulse, sudden weight gain, nausea and vomiting, weakness and fatigue, sudden decrease in the amount of urine produced by your body, difficulty sleeping, etc.

Congestive Heart failure can be a very serious problem if you have it. It can also be fatal. If diagnosed early on it can be taken care with latest technologies in medicine. Thus checking you up by a doctor at least once a year is always a great idea.