What is Chi

Chi is actually a vital energy, which gives life and which also leads to the unification of the mind, body and soul. A life force that imbues the world is how Chi is explained in the Asian tradition. Chi is not only found in living beings but also in the areas around us like our homes, offices and gardens. 

The believers of Chi are present all over Asia and it is widespread in various disciplines of Asia. Other areas where Chi is widespread in Asia are in Traditional Chinese Medicine, feng shui and martial arts. The literal meaning of this word is breadth or air which refers to the most important element of living life and also a vital element of life.

One should focus their attention on attracting and also keeping a very smooth and powerful flow of Chi in one’s body as well as living and working space. As mentioned above, Chi is a kind of energy and it is present in the body according to one’s health and in a place according to the arrangement.  According to Feng Shui chi manifests itself in various ways like different shapes, colors and also intensity.

The types of Qi are many as identified by the people who practice Chinese Medicine. The first type of Chi is the one which is present in our body and we are also born with it. This is known as ancestral qi or Yuan qi. The second type of qi is the one that we absorb during our lifetime and is called post natal qi or Hou tain qi.

If the correct balance of Chi is not maintained in the environment or the human body, it could lead to discomfort and ill health. In case of an imbalance in human beings, balance can be restored by the use of acupuncture, acupressure and many such techniques. In case of the imbalance is in space, certain organizing objects are surrounded to make balance in the environment.

Simple practices and exercises can be employed to not only improve but also direct the flow of chi towards oneself. For example, if you maintain a good posture, all the bones and muscles in your body would be relaxed and this will improve the flow of chi in one’s body.

In Chinese Medication, the stagnation or the blockage of Chi results in ill-health. Thus, if one complains of poor health, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners try improving the condition of Chi. Three main practices in which Chi is utilized are Feng Shui, Martial Arts and Qigong.

In China it is called Chi, in Japan it is well known as Ki and in India it is popularly known as Prana. Even Western scientists know about it and call it by the name of quantum realm.