What is Child Support

A child receiving money from the both the parents as a means of financial support is called as a child support. A child shares a standard living of both the parents. It is for this reason that the term Child support term is much more that just a question of basic necessities in life. It is considered a much wider term that includes all the needs and privileges of a child especially during his or her growing and formative age.

Many countries consider giving a child all the privileges that would have been enjoyed by him or her while staying with both the parents together before the separation or divorce. It is a foremost obligation on every parent to support their child depending upon their circumstances and financial condition.

In legal terms child support is generally paid by the parents who are not in the custody of the child to the parent who is currently in the physical custody of the child. It is a kind of support payment which is legally order by the court especially when both the parents are not staying together.

The court order is given in the best interest of a child to avail a monetary support from both the parents. It is served in the best interest of a sound social policy so that children refrain themselves from adopting illegal means in order to support their living or either depend upon state and country welfare programs for their education or earn their living.

In extreme cases a child support is also ordered by the court when any one parent neglects or ignores to have any contact with the child and his or her needs. Exceptions to this are the parents who have already surrendered their parental rights legally and with the consent of other parent.

Thus, we can say that a parent who does not raise the child or neither living with the child is required to make monthly or lump sum payment for the up-bringing of the child till he or she attains the age of majority. The money includes paying for the food, clothing, shelter, education and other additional expenses of the child.

Child support is considered to be a basic or fundamental right of a child and also a moral as well legal obligation on the parents. The entitlement to the child support and its determination depends upon many factors like Income or earning potential of parents and number of children.

The child support is also determined on the time spend by the non custodial parent with the child. In this case, since the child is already spending a maximum time with non-custodial parent, he or she is presumed to be already availing the maximum financial support. Thus, different factors are taken in to consideration by the court before determining the amount of child support and the entitlement for the same.