What is Chloroform

An organic compound which has four chloromethanes is Chloroform. This compound is abundantly available and most of it is in its natural form. The natural presence chloroform is produced in the marine. The brown sea weeds and the green sea weeds are responsible for the production of chloroform in water. It is also known from many studies that the light intensity has its influence in increasing the chloroform production from sea weeds due to increased photosynthesis. The brown algae also contribute in the production of chloroform.

Now that we understood, how the natural formation of this organic compound called Chloroform is formed, let us understand the artificial formation of chloroform. in industries a particular procedure is involved in the for the creation of chloroform. Firstly, the mixture of chlorine and methane is heated up to a temperature of 400-500 degrees Celsius which leads to the formation of chlorinated compounds. A chemical called carbon tetrachloride is formed as a result of further chlorination leading to the formation of chloroform.

Chloroform which is an organic compound has many applications. Some of the applications are mentioned below: –

  • Chloroform is basically used as precursor to Teflon. It was basically used as a popular refrigerant.
  • Chloroform is used as a solvent for many applications. In the pharmaceutical industry, as a solvent, chloroform is used for the productions of dyes and pesticides. Chloroform is used as a solvent because it is relatively inactive and conveniently volatile. AS the chloroform is an effective solvent for alkaloids, it is used for the extraction of plant material for its pharmaceutical processing.
  • Another major application of Chloroform is its use as an anesthetic. The vapor of the chloroform has ability to lower the central nervous system. This helps the doctors to perform painful operations to that particular part of the body without the patient feeling its pain. The chloroform can be injected to the whole body or just a specific part of the body.

These are some of the application of this organic compound called Chloroform. Many safety measures should be rightly taken up during the use of chloroform. Even 10ml of chloroform use can prove fatal to a person. The person could die due to cardiac arrest or with respiratory problems. In case of the use of chloroform as an anesthetic should be not more than 500ppm. If it is more than this quantity, it could be harmful to life.

These are the applications and the precautions that need to be taken during the use of Chloroform. Anything organic compound used in limited quantities can be a great use to mankind.