What is Cholera

Cholera is a transmittable disease caused by consuming contaminated water or food infected by the diarrhea bacterias or coming in contact with diarrhea infected person. The excessive vomiting or watery diarrhea can increase the effect of Cholera that may result in dehydration, imbalance in electrolytes and may cause death in certain instances. Immediate treatment is necessary in this disease, to survive from its severity, as soon as its symptom becomes recognizable. It becomes a terrible and dreadful disease due to excessive loss of body fluids through diarrhea and vomiting.

Rehydration and the use of antibiotics is the initial method of treating Cholera which may help in maintaining the fluid level and rebuts the infections in the body. Several intravenous treatments can also be used if it is not possible to take fluids orally. Other medications can be used as per the severity of the disease depending upon the physical conditions of the individual. The maintenance of hydration level in the infected person’s body is so crucial as it can retain the patient even in the absence of the antibiotics. While the supplies of antibiotics get shortened, during the epidemics spread over in the cholera sensitive areas, the mixture of glucose and boiled water is the substituent treatment of this disease as a life saving fluid. Though Cholera gets cured on itself after the passage of time but the care has to be taken of maintaining the hydration in the patient to recover from it. Dehydration is the main cause of deaths that occur due to this disease.

Cholera is an obvious disease that prevails in most of the under developed or developing countries that have poor sanitation and living conditions due to scarcity of resources and funds. Even better sanitation conditions may not help properly in the Cholera prone areas that are sensitive to such epidemics. Laxity of informations about the spreading of the disease, initial treatment to be given and availability of medical treatments is also the cause of this fatal disease. This disease is not usually found in developed countries because almost all the inhabitants are well aware of the consequences of poor sanitation and the medical treatments available for the disease, if occurs. Most of the cases of Cholera in the developed countries are caused by eating shellfish or through transit infections during journey. People usually visiting Cholera sensitive countries may get infected easily with the bacterias of this disease.

One should use boiled water for drinking and washing purpose as a precautionary measure for Cholera. Proper cleaning of hands especially after using toilets, eating well cooked food, avoiding raw fruits and vegetables are also mandatory to avoid Cholera infection.

Thus, Cholera is a highly infectious disease that can spread by coming in contact with Vibrio Cholerae, the bacteria causing it, which can be avoided by taking several precautionary measures.

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