What Is Chronic Pain

What is Chronic Pain? Is this curiosity on your mind when suddenly one of your relative gets struck with a Chronic Pain? Well, when people are suffering this pain, they feel all parts of the body are sick. If one part is successfully relieved, the pain moves to other parts. What are the causes of this aggravating pain? Is there any psychological factor behind it? Due to a research conducted by a professor namely Dr. Dietrich K M.D PhD, this health problem probably occurs by some psychological reasons.

Incredible Way to Cure Chronic Pain

The cruelty of chronic pain is defined to unpleasant experience and affecting sensory which is closely related to the impending tissue break. The process of affecting sensory to the psychological aspect is well described by a well known researcher namely Barry W. he explained that the signal of neurological is sent to thalamus where split occurs. It makes the signal is cracked into two ways: the first one transmits to frontal lobe and creates emotional sense of feeling that drags patients into agony. While other way is transmitted into sensory cortex to give a hint where the problem is located and what causes this pain.

When the frontal lobes are removed, the patients still can explain the pain but they no longer grumble about the ache regardless the severity of chronic pain. This study grabs the attention of physicians that want to find reliable treatment for this aggravating ache. The conclusion is drawn that the psychological aspect plays significant role in the chronic pain. Relieving all pains requires real medications but when it comes to eliminate emotional effects on the patients, they can rely on psychological treatments as the way to go.

Due to strong relationship between emotional senses and chronic pain, why don’t we rely on the psychological treatment for relieving the pains? Why don’t we focus on the effective medication without using an invasive procedure to heal that pain? Why don’t we treat the emotional factor of pain and let others go on? This question still craves for reliable answer. It’s a real dilemma when it comes to treat patients with chronic pain. It’s an agony that puts all parts of body to painful experience. Even up to now, medical treatment hasn’t been really satisfying the patients with good medication.

Proofs of Strong Connectivity between Chronic Pain and Psychology

People with strong personality are usually rare to be found in chronic pain. Otherwise people who have weak personality and tend to be victimized by any threats are prone to suffer it because they have no strong will to fight out that pain. Also a tendency to blame ourselves when something goes inappropriately with expectancy can lead to this pain. They often feel guilty anytime something goes wrong.

Being perfectionist is also dangerous. This psychological aspect will turn into chronic pain when left ignored. Being perfectionist will lead someone to big disappointment if anything wrong happens. This condition often causes physical problems. At last, suffering chronic pain is really dangerous but taking into medication only won’t be enough. You need psychological treatment to strengthen the ongoing medication.