What is Chyme

Chyme is basically the semi fluid mass of the partly digested food which is enforced to the duodenum from the stomach and stimulates the secretion.  It is also responsible for the cholecystokinin hormone secretions which enhance the flow of bile and also enhance the amount of digestive enzymes in the pancreatic juice. Therefore in turn it increases the digestion. Secretion of the bowl movement from the body is the combination of the bile and chyme.

How it is produced

As said earlier that chyme is semi fluid that means it is part mass and part liquid. After chemical and mechanical breakdown have taken place of our consumed food it results into the combination of partly water and digested food, various digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid. Then slowly it moves to the pyloric sphincter and from there into the duodenum. Now when the chyme reaches the duodenum nutrients extraction begins. Normally stomach takes near about 40 minutes to some hour to absorb the food into chyme; depending upon the quality of the food.  So it is pretty clear that chyme is nothing but the surplus components of the food and passes through the body with the help of watery substances.

How the ph of the chyme get increased

Chyme emerges from the stomach having a ph value of 2 which is very acidic in nature. Therefore following procedures are adapted to increases the ph value of the chyme:

  • Cholecystokinin which is a hormone secrets from the duodenum.
  • This hormone secretion is responsible for the gall bladder contraction.
  • Therefore alkaline bile releases into the duodenum. This bile may sometime cause the indigestion as it counts higher secretion after consuming fatty food.  
  • Sodium bicarbonate which is a pancreatic secretion gets stimulate by the hormone secretion of the duodenum.
  • Now before the chyme reaches the jejunum this sodium bicarbonate increase the ph value of the chyme up to 7.

Further extraction of nutrients

Chyme first come to the small intestine and then passes to the large intestine. Therefore further extraction of the salts, minerals and liquids takes place there and then it goes to the large intestine. ‘

Now for the excess consumption of the fatty food will cause indigestion as the chyme will not absorb some of the ingested fat. Therefore it will stay back into the stomach causing the higher bile secretion and resulting in indigestion. Therefore those who have acid reflux are advised not to eat excess fatty food otherwise it will cause too much secretion of the bile and results in stomach discomfort.

Doctors and medical experts always prescribed to drink sufficient water in a day which will help in the process of proper break down of the chyme in the small intestine.

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