What is Citronella Oil

Citronella oil is derived from a grass which is found in Asian, African, Latin American and South American countries. Citronella grass has two varieties and both these varieties contain oil which can be extracted through it. Steam distillation method is used to process the fresh plant and to extract oil from it. The name of the oil refers that it has a very strong lemony stench moreover, this smell is also found in its leaves, stem. This oil is widely used as an insect repellent, but some herbalists also use it as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent.

It is used in candles and other ointments’ which spread strong scent and it is generally supposed to be so unpleasant to these insects that they avoid any areas where the scent is evident.

The other benefits of citronella oil are:-

It acts as an antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal agent. It helps to treat depression, spams, fevers, parasitic intestinal worms and stomach aches. It also acts as a natural stimulant as well. It is helpful in destroying head and body lice. Diseases of kidneys, stomach and intestine can be cured through it. It is helpful in treating the problems related with urethra, bladder and urinary tract. Heartburns as well side-effects from alcohol and drug abuse can be eased through it. It is beneficial in eliminating toxic substances from the body. People that suffer from depression can found relief by using citronella oil. It prevents the body odor and by rubbing it on the skin help in promoting blood circulation. It increases the discharge of glandular enzymes and hormones. Oily skin and oily hairs can be improved with the use of this oil.

It has been reported that there are not ruthless side-effects with the use of this oil. But some reports have shown that sporadically it can cause skin irritations. This oil is not appropriate for small children or pregnant women.

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