What Is Clarifying Shampoo

Product build up in the hair happens over a period of time of usage of hair gel, different kinds of spray, conditioners, hair mousse and even normal day to day use shampoos. Therefore it is imperative that these products should be avoided to make your hair look light and clean. Clarifying shampoo is one which is used to deep cleanse the hair from these products which has accumulated in the hair shaft over a period of time. This product build up in the hair not only add weight to the hair but also makes it appear dull and flat. Also due to the formation of a small layer by these products in your hair they avert the reflection of light, thereby making the hair appear dirty. Regular usage of clarifying shampoo will therefore help in removal of these products and make your hair look full of life.

Acetic acid in clarifying shampoo has peeling substances with descaling ability which helps in removing the buildup found in the hair. Although clarifying shampoo is a great aid in removal of unwanted products, it does not condition your hair as it does not have any conditioners in built in them. Therefore enough precaution must be taken by not over using it as it will lead your hair to become dry. Consequently it is recommended that oily hair be cleaned with clarifying shampoo once a week while dry hair be cleaned once every two to three weeks only.

There are many varieties of shampoo that are available in the market. A shampoo product need not necessarily be tagged or labeled as clarifying shampoo. You can choose a good clarifying shampoo by checking the presence of acetic acid. If the top of the list in the label contain acetic acid, then that particular shampoo has got good clarifying abilities. It is important that you don’t use this shampoo on a regular basis but use it at periodic intervals depending upon the type of hair and the amount of hair by products you use.

Regular swimmers must take care to remove chlorine that gets accumulated in the hair. Since chlorine tarnishes a swimmers’ hair and sometimes even dry them up, it is important the clarifying shampoo is used at frequent intervals followed up with conditioners to keep the hair soft and neat. If the water you use is hard water then you might need to use clarifying shampoo twice a week. But in case you have soft water then you might need to clarify only once every two weeks or even once a month according to the hair products that you use. Clarifying shampoos are also available easily in any hair salon or drug store.