What is Cleanse

A cleanse is product that is used to clean or remove dirt, toxins from the body. It can be dentifrice to clean teeth, detergent to clean clothes, shampoo for washing hairs. Some clean our entire body, but some are restricted to specific organs such as liver, kidneys or skin. The common use of cleanse is to remove make-up dirt or oil from the skin. If our skin is clean then pores will be unclog and skin can be prevented from acne. In acne there can be blackheads, whiteheads, pinheads, pimples on our skin. Cleanse is also a toner and moisturizer for our skin.

Cleanse is in liquid form that swiftly react with water to form a thick lather that can confiscate dirt and germs from the skin.

Cleansing agent is used after applying soap and it is able to eradicate the oil and grime left by soap.

When a heavy make-up is applied on our skin then it can close our pores and if pores are closed our skin is vulnerable to acne. So, cleanser is used as a make-up remover and this remover is used before soap and water is applied to the face.

Cleanser is used by mimes and celebrities because they have to apply a heavy make-up before their appearance in front of public. So, they use cleanser to not remove make-up but also to remove the residues of another products that are use to give them attractive look. If cleanser and toner both are used then skin can be given younger feeling and appearance.

The advantages of cleanser over soap are:-

Soap has a pH value more than our skin that can change the balance of our skin and bacteria can occur in our skin. The shape of soap is due to thickeners and these can block our pores which would result into skin problems.

Soap can remove the natural oils from our skin and can cause sebaceous glands to over-produce oil. These glands secrete oily matter to lubricate our skin. Due to this reactive seborrhea occurs which can block our pores.

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