What Is Clinical Psychology

Psychology is a subject of study that brings up the problems and incongruities of people. The psychologists study the different aspects of the human behavior and also the actions and conscious thoughts and decisions. But psychology is not just about study. It is a subject that is not just theoretical. The theory can also be applied to cure and understand the problems of behavior and psychology of people. So, one such field of applied psychology is that of clinical psychology. This field of applied study and practice will help the psychologists and analysts to study and know everything about the various behavioral problems and also mental problems.

The clinical psychology is an application of studies that aims at a better understanding of the different problems of the mental behavior and the psychological problems of human beings. This clinical approach to psychology is a combined approach which involves the detailed insight into the science, biology and also cognitive theory. Together the three fields of study are used to understand and cure the problems of human behavior.

The origins of the practice of clinical psychology took place with the beginning, course and aftermath of the World War 2. The devastating global conflict took its toll on the minds and thoughts of people, who had fought in the battles. They were unable to think and they were also feeling depressed and dejected. This feeling had puzzled many people. However, soon, a psychological approach helped to trace the genesis of the new-found behavioral problems which had troubled the war veterans as well. Soon, the usual field of clinical psychiatrists were replaced by a new slew of psychoanalysts and clinical psychologists.

 The clinical psychology primarily involves the practice of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a form of therapy of mental problems with both medical and psychological principles and methods. One such method is known famous as psychodynamic psychotherapy. In the practice of psychodynamic psychotherapy, there is a greater emphasis on the dynamic interactions between the therapist and the patient. The therapist intends to understand fully the causes and origins of the behavior and psychological problems and troubles of people.So, this is a field of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy which goes into the depth of problems.

 There are also faint influences of the themes of humanistic psychology. The interactions involved in practice of clinical psychology are aimed at building a better rapport between the therapist and the patient. In the interactions, the therapist will seek to know a lot about the inner psyche of people and the root of behavioral problems. The humanistic approach helps to understand the complexities and problems of the individual concerned. So, the humanistic approach ensures that people are actually cured of their internal problems and hidden troubles. This is a radical method of psychological analysis.