What Is Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter is an extract of Coco bean, featuring pale yellow colour and possess enticing chocolate fragrance. Technically known as theobroma oil or theobroma cacao. It comprises abundant saturated fatty acids.  However, it does not boost overall serum cholesterol intensity.  

Physical Characteristics:

Its melting point is approximately 34-38 °C. It exhibits polymorphism processing alpha, gamma, beta crystals with melting points of 17, 23 and 35–37 °C correspondingly.

Applications of Cocoa Butter:

Cocoa Butter is utilized in making chocolates, baking products, moisturisers, ointments etc.

In the process of making chocolates:

Cocoa Butter is slightly rich aroma that provides chocolate gain its creamy smooth and melt in mouth texture.  At times we wonder how few chocolates melt as soon as we put in our mouth; it is because our body temperature matches with melting point of cocoa butter. It comes in different colours to make chocolate more decorative.

But again quality of cocoa butter is derived from the quality of bean it came from in the process of separating it from the chocolate liquor.

Cocoa butter as Moisturiser:

It is a natural moisturiser. Consistent application of cocoa butter moisturiser results in soft, smooth and silky skin texture. It has a quality of hydrating skin, minimise skin bumpiness and scaling. Its unique feature also protects your skin from damaging UV rays when exposed to sun. One can experience the synergetic benefits of skin texture with regular application of cocoa butter moisturisers.

Coconut oil and cocoa butter jointly present enhanced effects of skin protection. Cocoa butter is used not just as moisturiser but also in the ingredients such as thickening agent in soaps, creams, lip balm, and lipsticks. It acts as antioxidant and contains Vitamin E hence resulting in balanced smooth and hydrated skin. Its collagen content keeps you wrinkle free and keep you look young longer. Since Mayan civilization, cocoa butter is known to treat stretch marks and scars on skin.

Cocoa butter in Massage care:

Oil that contain cocoa butter is used in massage care and it is proved to be give relaxation to muscle aches effecting in creating a pleasure of well being.  In the past couple of years stress is found to be bag and baggage in everyone’s life. And cocoa butter is proved to release stress and improve immune systems.

Pharmaceutical usage of Cocoa Butter:

Drugs that cure malaria, fever, snake bites and wounds contain cocoa butter.

 “All things are artificial, for nature is the art of God”- Thomas Browne.

Cocoa butter is a nature product that heals many common purposes that chemicals don’t. Nature is the best medicine.