What is Coinsurance

Coinsurance is defined as the agreement which has been made between the customer who is taking the policy and the insurance company. This agreement is about the terms and condition according to which the insured person will have to pay a particular percentage of the cost as per the rules when the purchasing of the policy.

Coinsurance is basically a provision of policy according to which the insurer and the insurance company share the total amount services that can be medical or any other after the deductible has been paid. Different companies have different amount of sharing percentage such as some companies can provide you 75/25% of coinsurance some will provide 70/30% of coinsurance or some will provide you with 80/20% of coinsurance. The most common coinsurance percentage is 80/20%.

The coinsurance percentage can be used as copayment in the field of health insurance. But the meaning of both the terms differ as the copayment is fixed one while the other one that is coinsurance is dependent upon the percentage that the customer will have to pay after the payment of the deductible of the insurance policy. This is also known as the pair of percentages which starts after the payment of the insurer percentage.

In the field of property insurance, the coinsurance is termed as the penalty which has to be imposed by the carrier of the insurance on the insured property for underinsuring the value of business income. For example if the cost of a building is about $1,000,000 and the customer has the coinsurance percentage of 80/20% and if a loss of $200,000 occurs, then the client can recover $187,000 from the insurance company.

Coinsurance is termed as “Co” it co-operates the clients by sharing the medical costs between the customers and the companies. In the insurance companies of United States, the coinsurance is not the sharing of the risks between the employee and the insured client, but in the title insurance, sharing of the risks also happen between two insurance companies. Coinsurance is also used by the domestic insurance company of the United States in a similar way as the international insurance market uses.

At some places, the percentage of coinsurance defines a function which is similar to the function of copay in the field of health insurance. Here the clients can recover a particular amount of the percentage at any certain level. In the field of business coinsurance, the percentage of the coinsurance indicates that how long wills the coverage lasts. The range of that percentage can be from 50% to 125%. Companies give the coinsurances which have the coverage validity of 6 months for the 50 percent coinsurance and a coverage validity of 15 months for the 125 percent of coinsurance.