What is Colic

Colic is a disease which is seen in the babies. If your baby cries daily almost at the same time and you are not able to provide him comfort in anyways, then your baby seems to be suffering from colic. It can be found in a healthy baby too. A baby who is suffering from colic may cry for three hours a day for three weeks or more than three weeks.

Colic can be a bane for the parents. Both the child and the parents will become very restless. The face of the baby may become red and he feels irritation and restlessness. The baby cries out loud and his crying is continuous. Each and every baby does not get colic. And it is not necessary that only a weak or ill child is at the higher risk of getting colic. Any child either healthy or unhealthy can suffer from colic.

Colic is one of the most difficult challenges for the parents as it becomes very difficult to handle the child in this condition. Nothing seems to give him any kind of comfort. He can feel abdominal pain too. A baby who is suffering from colic will most commonly have his hands clenched and his feet are often cold. The baby would not be able to sleep properly. The baby starts crying mostly at the time when the parents are exhausted like at late nights. The babies whose parents had infantile colic are more prone to this problem.

Colic can also be caused when the baby is overfed, when he is given certain foods like undiluted juices etc. It can cause gas in his stomach which can worsen the situation and the problem can become more severe. Most of the reason behind colic are unknown and are still to find out. The intensity of colic can vary from child to child. Some babies show mild symptoms and some have very severe symptoms. Even if the baby is on breast feeding, he can get colic. Some of the babies are sensitive to certain type of diet like formula milk etc. and when this is given to them, it causes colic in them. So in case of babies and their diet, parents have to be very cautious. The baby should be seen to a doctor. He will prescribe some medicines which will help the baby to reduce the discomfort he is going through. You should hold the baby when he is crying and he should be wrapped in a blanket. It will give him some relief. The mothers who breastfeed their babies should avoid tea, coffee etc.

Conclusion: There are many other things which parents should keep into their mind to reduce the risk of colic in their baby like the holes in the milk and water bottled should be of right size. Never over feed the baby just to stop his crying. If this does not work then other medical treatments can also help. This is not a severe problem but can cause huge discomfort to the babies and the parents.