What is Colitis

Colitis is defined as a swelling of an internal layer of the colon and is followed by loose motion, pain and even blood in the stool.

Colitis is described as inflammation caused to large intestines or colon. Colon performs a regular job of storing the waste products. It helps in getting rid of the undigested food to pass through and to provide easy help in bowel movement.  Colon or large intestines receive regular blood supply from arteries and also receives oxygen along with sufficient nutrients.

Whenever there is a problem in functioning of colon, it is described as colitis and this means if any infection occurs to colon or if there are reactions or if there is a poor blood supply, the problem of colitis persists and must be offered appropriate treatment.

There can be many reasons for the occurrence of colitis or infection in colon and one of the important facts is the diet or the food consumption. Appropriate diet that includes rich proteins, carbohydrates and calcium would help the colon to work efficiently whereas if there is any high consumption of excess fat or any other food that does not easily get digested the layers of colon will be affected with inflammation thereby giving the symptoms of colitis.

Sufficient in take of water is the main source of efficient functioning of colon and whenever a person does not drink sufficient water to enable easy digestion of the food, there is a problem with digestion and colon has to take extra effort and endeavor to push the waste products.

In this process, there is a cause of infections. Some times if there are diseases that decrease the blood supply can also cause a problem to colon resulting in colitis.

Some of the common causes of colitis could be explained as bacteria and viruses which are food-borne such as unhygienic or healthy cooking methods or any other reason could surely lead to the inflammation.

Apart from personal hygiene habits, the premises, swimming pools, rivers or lakes should be given proper cleanliness which will eliminate the bacteria.

Since most of the colitis causes are released from bacteria, proper care and attention should be given to food and water that can prevent the occurrence of colitis. When the food is neatly cooked and is fresh it enables easy digestion and apart from this sufficient water should be provided to the body for easy digestion of the food and also to enable easy passage for waste products. When this system works efficiently your colon is healthy and does not cause colitis.

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