What is Compound Butter

Compound butter is served both in sweet and sour taste of flavors to add a delicious touch to any recipe. 

The butter is normally softened to bring it at the room temperature to add desired flavors to it. Some of the most common ingredients added to compound butter are the spices and herbal plants.

Varieties of other solid or liquid ingredients are added to the compound butter at the time when it is completely melted at the room temperature. Butter is then rolled, wrapped and frozen. Many flavoured compound butters are also pre-freezed to offer a unique taste to a grilled fish.

There are also many appetizing ingredients like lemon zest, ginger or garlic that can bring out the best taste in a compound butter especially when served with grilled recipes.  

  • A spread roll of garlic, cheese, and parsley over dinner rolls is simply lip smacking.
  • Relishing butter over steaks, corns and other frilled dishes adds on an additional flavor to the dishes.
  • Butters with a cinnamon spice or a pumpkin are exclusively used as spreads for grilled and toast foods.
  • Oatmeal can be served with a fruit compound butter.
  • A shallot and herb mixed butter gives a profound taste to the roasted chicken.
  • Herb Butter is a softened butter made up of thymes, pregano, parsley and basil leaves. The butter is placed underneath the skin of the pre-grilled chicken to give a desired taste.
  • Cinnamon Butter is made by mixing raw honey with ground cinnamon and served with Multigrain Pan Cakes and rolls.
  • Chive Butter includes chopped chives mixed with white wine. It tastes delicious with baked, grilled or even roasted potatoes.

Many chefs tend to process butter in a food processor. However, the best texture result can be obtained by chopping and mixing the ingredients manually preferably with a wooden spoon. To give firmness to butter, it is freezed back in the refrigerator and then sliced up giving desired shapes.

Compound butter can be made into delicious sauces by melting and adding different aroma, acids and seasonings to it. The butter sauces give a scrumptious taste to grilled fish and meat food.

It is important to compose your compound butter with proper seasoning while adding acidic components to balance wine and citrus flavors.

Many restaurants form log shaped butters wrapped in plastic and chilled in ice baths. This is basically done to maintain the essence as well as the shape as and when it gets harden. The butter log is then sliced into different shapes to add desired seasoning to variety of cooked foods.

Compound butters are not only easy to cook but also look more appealing when melted over savory and appetizing grilled, roasted and other cooked foods.

A compound butter is generally added to a cooked recipe to offer a complete flavoured and tempting dish. Every special occasion can be deliciously filled with variety of dishes by simply adding a touch of a compound butter.