What is Computer Addiction

Addiction is dependence on something. Computer addiction is dependence on computer or we can say obsessively using computer. It can be defined as an excessive use of computer that can interfere in your daily life. Computer nowadays is an inseparable part of our lives. But it should be used up to a limit otherwise it can intervene in your daily life and can cause various problems. A person who is addicted to the computer can show the symptom of spending too much time in front of the computer doing almost nothing and unproductive. A psychologist has given it a name and that is Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD). A person can have:

Cybersex Addiction Cyber-Relationship Addiction Net compulsions Information Overload Computer Addiction

Cybersex addiction is to use the computer or internet for watching pornography which can have a negative impact on the real life relationships.

Cyber-relationship addiction is where a person finds his virtual friends or other relationships more important than his/her real life friends and relationships. He obsessively uses chat rooms and social networking sites to make virtual friends.

Net compulsions include addiction of playing online games, online gambling on online auction sites etc.

Information overload is the over use of computer for surfing leading to non productive work and less social interaction

Computer addiction is to play games which are in the computer and present offline like solitaire etc.

All the above kind of addictions can have a negative effect on the real life relations and lives of people. As it said that excess if everything is bad. No doubt computer and internet is a blessing to the mankind but over use of this technology can give rise to many problems which also include some health problems. A person having computer addiction can face depression, anxiety, dry eyes, headaches and migraine. A computer addictive can skip his/her meals which will in turn lead to lose weight resulting in bad health. He/she can also have backache problem is he/she sits in front of the computer for long hours. For some people, it is a feeling of being good or wellness when they are using computer or internet and otherwise they feel unpleasant and stressed. This is also one of the psychological problems. Using computer or internet is not bad but you should always try to gain control over the overuse of computer and internet otherwise it can create unhealthy imbalance in your life.

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