What is Computer Fraud

Computer fraud is to use the computer or internet to harm others. People might use your personal information in a wrong way which can harm you in one way or the other. This can take the form of computer hacking, sending virus mails to the other people, sending spam mails, stealing critical information like account number and using it in a wrong way. There can b numerous ways by which the dishonest people can harm other people. So you need to be extra cautious while using computer and internet in order to not to become the prey of these computer frauds. You should have knowledge about the area of cyber crime and the precautions you can take to avoid them. You should avoid giving your personal information on the internet until and unless it is required. Avoid talking with strangers and sharing your personal information with them. They can ditch you and you can be in a big trouble. You must know about the good and bad websites.

Just because the website is good in appearance, you should never think that the website will be trustworthy or a good website. You must visit good and popular websites only and avoid visiting unknown and bad websites. If you are making any account on the internet, make sure that the password you are going to use for that should be strong enough so that no one can guess it easily. Make it a combination of characters, numerals and special characters. If you need to give some kind of personal information on some website, then you must confirm the physical presence of the owner of the website. You should make sure that the website’s owner is not fake. Usually, the e-commerce websites are secure enough to protect your critical information.

In spite of all these precautions, we are exposed to the danger to some degree. But if you will be aware of all these dangers then you will be less prone to all these frauds. Child pornography also comes under internet crime or internet fraud. You should avoid talking or sharing obscene material in the internet. If you are dealing with someone for business purposes, then you must know the other person. You must read the privacy policy on the website. Do business with those people who have a mail id of their own website. If they have an email id of yahoo.com or rediff .com, then do not do business with them. They can be frauds. The only solution for not being the victim of these frauds is to protect yourself be following appropriate precautions.

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