What is Computer Hacking

Computer Hacking refers to the technique or process by which a hacker gains access to a computer system. Hacker refers to a person who enjoys learning the details of computer systems and also tries to expand his or her capabilities. A Hacker targets or finds out the loop holes in the computer system and tries to gain access over that particular computer system through these loop holes. A hacker must be able to exploit a weakness or vulnerability (i.e. loop holes in the system by which the computer can be affected) in a computer system.

The security of a computer system depends on a number of basic elements. If any of these elements gets affected, the security will get exploited. These elements are:

Confidentiality The information send by the sender to receiver must not be breached i.e. must remain confidential only. Authenticity The information received by the receiver should be identified and assured of the origin of information. Integrity – The data or resources should be prevented from improper and unauthorized changes. Availability – The desired information or resources should be used.

The numbers of these exploits are minimized when and only the weaknesses are reduced.

A computer system if hacked can be a great worry for a normal user. If the user is not aware of these types of attacks, then the user compromise to useful stuff to a huge extend by the hacker. The hackers often enjoy programming and have expert level skills in at least one field. For these individuals, computer hacking is their real life aim and it acts as an application for their problem solving skills. They see it as a chance to show their abilities and not an opportunity to harm others.

There are a number of ways by which the hacker gains access to the system. The type of attacks that hacker performs includes the following:

Operating System attacks – any threats related to operating system which can result in breakdown of the computer or can cause personal losses if the computer gets hacked. Application level Attacks – are performed through the application by adding some malicious code or components into the application so that when the user runs that application, the computer can be hacked. Misconfiguration attacks etc…

If a hacker wants to get inside the system of the user, there is nothing a user can do. The only thing a user can do is that he or she can make it a bit tougher for the hacker to accomplish his or her deeds by updating the security measures and maintain the loop holes found in the computer system.

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