What Is Concentration

The standard of concentration of a person depends upon the level of brain dealing with the external disturbing features which may tend to disturb the focus of the mind on the work concerned. It can also be calculated in respect to the time period for which one has to focus his mind on the work concerned. One can not concentrate on any or some points due several neurological or general disorders. Concentration in an individual can be improved by adopting several methods.

Types of concentration

Sustained concentration:
Concentration can also be known as sustained or continuous concentration of a person on certain point. The person concerned may or may not be aware of the facts that are not directly linked with the work they are concentrating on. He remains focused on the work from start to end while he is concentrating on it.

Focused concentration:
One can differentiate continuous concentration from focused concentration as the later is possible only if some thing or act is able to attract the attention of the viewer. The focused concentration can be for small span of time whereas sustained concentration lasts with the end of work concentrated upon. Focused concentration can be disturbed by the events that may occur or disappear during focusing on some object.

Selective concentration:
One can be concentrating selectively when other events tend to disturb his attention effectively. For instance you will have to be attentive to the speaker during a public meeting where so many other people speak on to disturb your attention.

Alternative concentration:
A person is said to be having alternative concentration when he is able to switchover between two tasks completely.

The concentration of a person can be disturbed not only with external reasons but for internal reasons too, as if some diseases or disorders in his neurological region. These disturbances in neurological region may either shift the attention of the person concerned very frequently between the tasks or he will have to concentrate more vigorously on the task for longer period. Such situations in concentration disorder are experienced usually for affecting the memory for short time whereas long term deficiencies are experienced in extreme conditions which may cause problems in learning something or may cause short timed memory.

Doctors use various mechanisms for increasing concentration in the affected persons. Mental exercises such as timed activities, structural games, crossword puzzles and severally meditations are used as the tactics to improve the concentration in various persons suffering from lack of concentration. In certain cases of shortened concentration caused by certain diseases, medicines may also be used to enhance their concentration effectively but it may have certain side effects.

Thus, Concentration can be defined as the focus or attention of the person on a certain single or a series of tasks that he has to do preferentially without letting it disturbed by other events.