What is Conversion Disorder

Conversion disorder is a type of disorder which is happens due to mental stress and stressful incident. It is rarely seen nowadays as people take certain measure of its prevention and it can also be treated by various ways if occurs.

Conversion disorder is a type of disorder in which the affected person shows his physiological stress in several physical ways. The name “conversion disorder” is very accurate for this disorder as it is a disorder in which the actual stress is expressed in a different or conversed way. This disorder starts due to emotional or mental stress. For example, a scary incident may affect a person’s mental condition due which he may express in any physical way. You may get paralyzed by falling from a camel even if you are not physically injured. Symptoms of conversion disorder cannot be controlled by the patient generally. It may affect the way you perform tasks, the way you move, see, hear or swallow.

Though this disorder occurs very rarely yet one should know the symptoms of conversion disorder so that he can point out anyone, who is having this disorder, at the initial stage. Symptoms of conversion disorder are many but the most important ones are poor coordination, inability of speaking, deafness, blindness and other vision problems and paralysis in one leg or arm. Apart from this, there are several other symptoms of conversion disorder too. Some of these are inability to feel any type of pain, difficulty in walking, loss of balance and loss of sensation of touch.

Main cause of conversion disorder may be stress in mind. Most of the times, it happens when a person goes through some stressful or scary incident when he already has stress of any other thing. Depression may also be a cause of this disorder because a person may be depressed due to many issues. Emotional as well as financial depression may be the cause. However, exact cause of conversion disorder is unknown as it happens to people due to different factors which include depression and stress. Conversion disorder mainly occurs in women but it may also happen if there is any other person in family who already has this disorder.

Treatment of conversion disorder can be done in several ways. Counseling is a good way for the treatment of this disorder. In counseling, a professional puts his best effort to decrease patient’s mental stress which can create a positive effect. Apart from this, there are several other ways of treatment which includes physical therapy, hypnosis and transcranical magnetic stimulation. If you want to prevent conversion disorder from your life you should practice things which make your mind relaxed. This includes activities such as meditation and yoga.

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