What is Corruption

These days a lot of discussions have been happening on corruption. The main reason of these discussions is because of people fighting against corruption. Why is there a need to fight against it? The answer is quiet simple. In simple words corruption is anything bad or evil. And anything that is bad or evil needs to be removed from the society and the political environment of any economy.

Corruption can be seen in many ways. One of the views can be that corruption is spoiling the integrity of the society by forgetting the moral obligations of a person. When a person goes against his morals to achieve something then corruption comes into picture. The main reasons that lead to corruption are greed and selfishness. These can make a person forget how he is liable to his society and the people living in the society.

Another way of looking at corruption is when a person forgets his duties and liabilities towards the country and the society. This basically refers to misusing the power that has been lead to that person. When a person is given power and he misuses it for his personal benefit, it is a form of corruption. There is a saying that goes power brings responsibility with it. People who are unable to fulfill the responsibility tend to be corrupt.

One way of misusing the power is nepotism. Nepotism means favoring ones own family or known ones for any reason. When a person at a high post with high powers recommends his known person for anything it is a kind of corruption. Such corruption will only lead to getting the work in the wrong hands. Such an act can never do any good for the society or the country.

Bribery is another form of corruption. Bribery refers to paying of money or kind illegally to get something done. This form of corruption exists most commonly in most parts of the world and economies. Bribery exists in all levels of the economy, from the labor society to the top officials. When a person pays money to get a job it is corruption. This could be due to the competition and the wage rate prevailing in the society.

Corruption also means when a company pays the government illegally to get a license for something that would benefit them in the long term. Hence corruption is anything that is done for the personal benefit of a person in a wrong way. It also includes misappropriation of public goods.

Corruption is self destructive for an economy. It will lead to the destruction of the economy as it is an evil. As soon as it can be removed from the society it is better.