What is Corsage

Corsage refers to the bodice of a dress. The dictionary meaning of corsage is : The fitted part of a dress that extends from the waist to the shoulder.

2. A woman’s laced outer garment, worn like a vest over a blouse.

It was famous word back in the 19th century, commonly used term for a woman’s bodice or jacket. In modern usage, corsage may be confused with a corset, but we have to remember that a corset is tighter while corsage tends to be a loser fit compared to corset. A bridal corset could be called a corsage. In the beginning, a bouquet of flowers or flower bud was worn on the corsage between the breasts, hence the name corsage. Today they are made in man-made materials and even in metal with studded gems in them as a show of affluence for the well to do.

In the present times a cluster of flowers that are given to one’s date at a prom or for a formal dance to wear on either a dress or a wrist is referred to as corsage. On other formal occasions when a girl wears flowers on the wrist of clothes, is called a corsage too. In some countries with majority of monolithic religion during the marriage functions, women that are closely related to the bride or the groom wear the Corsage. It is easy to put together a corsage on own in place of buying expensive ones from the market or online. Corsages are actually three boutonnieres you put together. Use odd numbers for your flowers…you want one, three, five or at most seven flowers in your corsage.

Start by gathering the flowers together and taping stem wrap around the stems. Floral tape or stem wraps mostly come in green and white. After this add whatever filler you have chosen. They should ideally be placed sparingly between flowers. After this place corsage leaves over the stems below the flowers. Then wrap it all up with floral a tape. Stems can be trimmed if needed and ribbon bow added. Stems too can be wrapped in ribbon. A corsage pin can be kept to be used later.

The Basics of making Corsages :

The wire stem of flower and green can usually be used in place of doing the entire rewiring and taping. If you need only one or two inches of stem, use stem wrap over it first and cut it to the length you need. Filler and greens can be added to the flower by wrapping the wire stems of each around the flower. The filler should be the first to surround the flower and the greens the last to frame it in. Excess wire should be cut off after wrapping. This ensures light weight. You can also add clusters. Make three to five single clusters. The stem of one cluster should be wrapped around the next to form the corsage. You may add abow at any point to your liking.

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