What is Cosmetology

Cosmetology encompasses a wide range of services like hairstyling, nail technology, skin care, electrology, nail technology etc. It is the study of all kinds of beauty treatments. A person trained in cosmetology is called as a cosmetologist. Cosmetologists can be known by the name of a hairdresser, beautician, beauty specialist and beauty operator as they take care of our skin, hair, nails.

Cosmetology can include hair cutting, styling, shampooing, hair treatments, hair extensions or wigs, coloring and highlighting of hair, straightening, nail application, manicures, pedicures, hair removal, facials, make up and skin care. Shampoo technician, manicurist, pedicurist, nail technician, make up artist, aesthetician, hair colorist, hair dresser, skin specialist are some designations and job titles for trained cosmetologists.

Trained cosmetologists will always be in demand as there are always an increasing number women and even men who come for beauty treatments. A trained cosmetologist can either work in a small or a high end beauty salon or can start his own business. Apart from unisex salons, barber shops, cosmetologists are also hired by spas, hotels and resorts. Types of jobs available for a cosmetology graduate can be beautician, hairstylist, salon coordinator, spa manager etc.

Becoming a cosmetologist requires a lot of hard work. Many public and private vocational schools offer courses in cosmetology. For some schools, a high school education is a must to pursue the course. They are taught basic aspects of hair, skin, and nails and later they have to study about hygiene, bacteriology, cosmetic chemistry, and marketing. They have to clear practical and written exams to pass the course. In some cases, students can learn about cosmetology through internship at a good place.  Like all jobs, this field also requires good communication skills and competence at the job. Some cosmetologists can choose to study an area of cosmetology in depth. 

Disciplines of cosmetology for students to choose from include hair stylists, aestheticians, manicurists, shampooers, electrologists and students can choose to go for one area of specialization.  Hairstyling is the most popular field which includes all kinds of hair treatments like cutting, shampooing, conditioning, styling, coloring, straightening etc. But there can be cosmetologists who specialize in manicures and pedicures. Since cosmetology involves several fields, a cosmetologist is trained to everything and his role will depend on the size of the establishment. So, in a smaller salon, the cosmetologist will be required to do everything from hair to nail treatments but a large salon will have specialized cosmetologists for every job.

In today’s times, cosmetology is considered to be a lucrative career option as men and women spend a lot of time grooming. There are many courses offered in cosmetology schools where one can specialize in a specific area too.