What is Costochondritis

Costochondritis is a well-known condition of chest pain, which happens because of irritation in the bones and cartilage. There is another name of Costochondritis such as Tietze syndrome. It happens at the form of inflammation at the joint of the spine bone and sternum (breastbone). This joint contains cartilage, which joins both bones. However, infection in cartilage can turn into inflamed and irritated. Resulting from the stage of the irritation, Costochondritis can become a painful disease.

Causes of Costochondritis: recognizing a single cause Costochondritis is difficult. The recurring micro trauma or overuse of bones can cause such disease. The repeated cause will increase the damage to the cartilage, and patient might get the severe type of irritations. Costochondritis affected people are mostly between 20 and 40 years that means adults are extremely getting affected with this disease. Costochondritis disease is also found because of overuse damage in sports person.

This disease might happen after traumatic injury as well like a car accident in which the driver’s chest hits the steering. In such case, the driver might get affected with Costochondritis as the ribs of the driver might get damaged or cartilage can also get damaged. In several issues upper respiratory infections, viral infections are also become the reason for Costochondritis illness.

Symptoms of Costochondritis: Majorly patients get ache in the chest in Costochondritis problem. However, relating the disease directly to the heart problem is not correct, though the condition can become a critical so patient should reach the experts as get the symptoms of Costochondritis.

Patient of Costochondritis receive pain during the exercise or even at taking deep breath as well because as a patient inhale a deep breath, the body stretched and the affected cartilage and can cause big pain. In such condition touching to the affected area will also increase the pain. Patient may feel the pain in shoulder and chest because lots of nerves are passing from the chest and pain in cartilage can affect these nerves too.

However, there are simple treatment’s steps to manage the ache and even the disease Costochondritis, though the patient has to be cautious and must avoid the activities which can cause the pain of Costochondritis.

Taking rest: reducing the inflammation is possible if the activities are avoided that can cause pain in chest. Workout procedures such as taking deep breath, and muscles strain on the chest might create the situation more critical. This will reduce speed of healing process too so patient should control the exercises which are related to the chest.

Applying heat: heat applications for relief from pain in Costochondritis are also best option. Hot packs are available which patients can apply on the chest to get relief from the pain. This will diminish the stress on muscles so that patient will be able to recover sooner.