What Is Couture

Couture is originally a French word which the dictionary describes as “the design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client’s specific requirements and measurements”. IT can also be considered as the business of manufacturing specialty clothing. Even the group of designers can be considered as couture. This word can be used by jewelers and other manufactures, who deal with fashion and apparels or anything that can be worn.

It is very likely that you have heard or read of this word in combination with another word that is Haute. What you are used to seeing is Haute couture. The real meaning of the French word couture would simple mean sewing which derives itself from the Latin word couture again meaning sewing.

When talking of sewing/couture as it is done primarily for niche customer where a new design or something exclusive is being created it is safe to assume that the clothing that is being created is typically created using exclusive and costly fabrics. Since these are made to order it is obvious that the wearer wants something different. In todays world the mass produced goods are economical and when ever we get something created to order it tends to cost more money. In some parts of the world where machination is still in natal stages, getting them made is still a cheaper option. This word Haute couture was used first time for a French designer in the 19th century and even now a maker has to abide and qualify some norms to be able to use the word “haute couture”. 1. Design made-to-order clothing for private clients, with at least one or more fittings. Have an atelier in Paris with an employee strength of at least 15 people who work full-time. Third and the most important thing is that each season you have to present a collection comprised of at least 35 looks for both day and night. The famous names like Chanel, Christian Deor, Givenchy and Georgio Armani are all examples of certified couture. Besides making clothing they also have forayed into jewellery and perfumes, which are an inherent part of class dressing.

IT is not cheap to get clothing done by them They do put extensive work in them with typically spending hundreds of hours on one dress leading to extravagant prices which may go as high as 60-70000 USD. But then some people don’t find that big for the exclusivity they offer to the wearer.