What Is Cross Contamination

Cross contamination is a physical dissemination of any bacteria from one food to another food material. For example, in families we can observe that some home-makers will not clean the cutting board properly, like in urgent times; they used to cut the chicken and the vegetables in the same board without washing it. This is not by doing in intention but situation make them to do it. Even the cultured folks are making these mistakes in today life, then how can we blame the amateurish folks?

Raw foods such as chicken, meat, fish and egg are having the propensity to transmit the bacteria aka microorganisms to other food easily. We can eat the vegetables without cooking but never eat without cleaning. But we should not do this for the same. Because, the raw foods restraining high risk bacterial organisms in it. Hence these are microorganism we could not see it through our normal vision.


In case if the bacteria affected a person and he has shaken his hands with any unknown, the bacteria will spread its harmful cells to the other. If we kept the cooked food and raw food in a same place, the bacteria in the raw food will extend its power to the cooked food too. Hence it is better to keep it in separate places with tight covering. This will also distribute through the people, food, surrounding atmosphere, and tools which using in the kitchen. You may think that how it is spreading through people and this case is explained above. While speaking, saliva may distribute in the air and hit the other person. The tools like, knives, vegetable cutter should be cleaned after every use, if not, and it will spread the bacteria over the kitchen. Usually, the bacteria are capable to widen its generation in multiple of numbers.


The only symptom caused by these bacteria is just poisoning the food and lead to stomach disorder. Sometimes it is simply rooting to diarrhea, and it may cause vomiting sensation.


Several precautions for the cross contaminations are as follows:

  • Clean your legs and hands often.
  • Use washed clothes.
  • Avoid using others dresses and things.
  • Wash your utensils thoroughly after using it.
  • Swab the vegetables before cutting and cooking.
  • Cleanse the cutting board after every usage.
  • Cover the cooked food and raw food separately.
  • Keep the cooked food and raw food in the separate blocks in the refrigerator.
  • Cover the nose with hanky while sneezing and coughing.


It will be better to prevent ourselves from the contaminated things and eat hygienic food. Always beware of your own cleanliness and try to avoid eating in outside and polluted areas. If a person affected any above mentioned symptoms can approach doctors and have the prescribed medicine.