What Is CrossFit

Where does physical fitness stand in your life and how many of you are strong believers of being fit and healthy? For those, who have it as your last priority, here’s an eye-opener on the role of physical fitness on your healthy happy life. Fitness simply means your ability to perform physical activities through gaining of energy and strength, and the level of fitness is measured by the kind of activity and the intensity of the physical activity done at specified time. Fitness is not restricted to athletes but has to be practiced by every common person to lead a healthy life. Improving your level of fitness can benefit you in several ways and most importantly lowers the risk of many common diseases and health related problems and keeps your body highly flexible. Among the various fitness programs, Cross-Fit constitutes an important role in gearing towards physical fitness.

Cross fit is a physical fitness program which primarily focuses on maximizing a person’s potential in all components of fitness which includes cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, body composition, flexibility, agility, accuracy, balance, stamina, speed and power. Thus it is considered as an overall and all-round fitness conditioning program which is designed for universal scalability and thus making it applicable for any committed individual. The best part of this program is the constantly varied movements which are functionally executed with great intensity thereby improving the fitness in people ranging from kids, elite athletes to seniors and sedentary office workers.

The enemy to Cross fit program is routine workouts and the magic of this program lies in its movements. The functional movements which are considered natural like sitting, standing, lifting, throwing, pushing, pulling, climbing, punching and running are all primary movements that influences the exercises designed in Cross-Fit fitness program. This program is constantly under the process of selecting exercises which includes a wide range of activities and of evaluating the strength and intensity of activities, potential required and measurable impact of such activities on the overall fitness. The  workouts generally include deadlifts, pushups and dips, squats, lunging, running, rope climbing, throwing and pressing to handstand to just name a few. The toolkit or the equipments comprises of gymnastics barbells, rings, dumbbells, ropes, mats, kettlebells, pull-up bars and many more.

Now the common query that comes to most of you is how is it different from the regular program at gym and here is an answer to that.

  • Unlike the routine gym workouts, cross Fit aims at creating each day a different work out which is termed as Workout of the Day (WOD) by using a set of exercises that dramatically changes to offer a constantly varied program. Thus the element of boredom is eliminated.
  • For every session of cross fit program, you are accompanied by a qualified fitness trainer who helps in motivating and guiding through your exercise regime along with nutritional guidance.
  • Cross Fit is more like a community where every person out there is slogging along with you in achieving the common goal of intensive fitness and this helps in further motivation in every step.
  • The magic of cross fit lies in the functional movements it incorporates, which is very useful in your day today life rather than the monotonous exercises done over the machines at gym.
  • All the workouts done by you are measured and recorded which itself serves as a push to beat every record time and again.