What is CT Scan

People have fallen prey to a number of afflictions and diseases right from the prehistoric days of life. In those days, the serious and severe problems would often bewilder people. They would consult mendicants, saints and witch doctors to get rid of the problem. It is important that people actually understand what the exact nature of the problem is. With the advent of technology, the X-Rays and Ultrasound devices were invented to diagnose the underlying problem behind some of the observable adversities and adverse effects. But they have now been sidelined with further innovations in the field of diagnosis of diseases and afflictions. One such innovation is the technique of Computer Tomography Scan, better known among people as CT-Scan.

How does a CT Scan detect the problems and internal defects which cause some of the health problems? It is easy to understand. Basically, the process of a Computer Tomography scan is like the basic X-Ray procedure. However, a mere X-Ray technique may take only a single picture of only a specific part of the body. On the other hand, the CT Scan is fully able to take a number of pictures of the specific parts of the body. Thus, if you are suffering from a problem in a particular part, you will be able to get a detailed view of the tissues, bones, joints, muscles and arteries of the particular part. So, with the CT Scan, your doctors can carefully analyze and see what are the real causes behind your health problems and illnesses.

The invention and development of the Computer Tomography Scan technique for medical diagnosis has been rather dynamic, allowing for many innovations. It all began in the 1970s, when Nobel Prize winning inventors Alan Cormack and Godfrey Hounsfield created together the first ever CT scan machine. It was soon used along with X-Rays in the medical field. In the initial days, the usual CT Scan technique could only cover a small part of the organ facing problems and troubles. Moreover, it was observed that the images taken were indecipherable and not clear. However, other scientists and researchers soon began a spate of hectic improvements in the image quality and other factors. Such improvements led to CT Scan techniques stealing the show from X-Rays and ultrasound techniques for diagnosis.

There have been questions on the reliability of the Computer Tomography technique in comparison to another innovation known as the MRI scan. Both techniques have some differences which make the former a better option for  diagnosis of more serious problems. The MRI technique would entail the use of magnetic waves, which bounce off bones and muscles and gives us a picture of the bones and joints in detail. We can make out the injuries taking place in the tendons and ligaments of the bones and muscles. However, to detect possible tumors or some other structural deformities, we can rely on the CT Scan technique as it gives us accurate X-Ray pictures of the concerned organs and body parts in full detail. 

There have been X-Ray scans and ultrasound scans for a long time in vogue in the field of medical diagnosis. Now, they have been sidelined by the superior and advanced CT scan technique. This procedure brings about a clear and well-detailed picture of the various parts and sections of the organs which are facing problems or diseases. The CT Scan has become a bigger preference for people suffering from unexplained problems and afflictions.