What is Culture Shock

When a person migrates to a different place for various reasons such as parent’s transfer, marriage, job or settlement he or she should adopt to a new atmosphere. When he or she notices that the living pattern of the people around him or her is completely different, then he becomes disoriented. A person hence develops psychological problems and begins to feel frustrated and lonely. This problem becomes very common when a conservative girl get married and enters a new household. As she has not experienced any difficulties before, she becomes culturally shocked when she experiences new blends in her life. Some of the people especially the married girls when they experience this problem usually return to the household of their parents. There are many ways to prevent the problem of cultural shock.

Honeymoon phase: A couple should compulsorily arrange for a honeymoon after their marriage because they can study the behavior of each other and become familiarized to each other. The couple can see the positive sides of both the traditional and modern culture.

Dialogue with each other: The parties should discuss with each other the problems that they are experiencing with each other. They should mention the reasons for their problem with the new society. They should preferably convince by narrating the culture of their hometown or their previous community to reveal the differences between the two cultures. They should also show their willingness to adapt to a new society but also convince them that they require time to get adapted to the new environment. The other party should be able to understand their difficulties and also realize that adopting to a new culture in a great effort.

Learn to adopt: One should be determined and willing to adapt to a new culture. They should realize that this new place is like a homeland and hence they should adapt to the new practices and lifestyle of the people around them. They should realize that without experiencing any changes in life, they cannot become successful. Many cricket stars, film stars, or the leading business tycoons of the world became successful although they left their homeland because they learnt to adapt to a new atmosphere. You should remember the wise old words of the greatest scientist ‘Charles Darwin’ who said that the spices that adapted to the new atmosphere survived.

Mastering the techniques to adapt to new atmosphere:   

Be smart enough and learn to adapt to the new environment by observing the people around you. You can learn a lot by observing. Become active and participative to adapt to the new environment around you. You can easily become adaptable when you are familiarized with the people around you. To become familiarized with the people around you, you should present your skills and talent in some way or the other. A newly married girl can impress the people around her when she presents her cooking skill.

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