What is Cutting

Sometimes, people injure themselves by performing certain activities which may be difficult to think for a person whose everything in life is fine. The action of injuring our own body purposely is called cutting. It involves injuring own body in such a way that skin breaks and most of the times blood comes out. This may involve use of any sharp object like blade, knife or compass or any other substance that has the ability to cut human skin. Sometimes, people also use burning materials like cigarette and burning matches for burning their own skin purposely. This also comes under the category of cutting, hence, it can be said that cutting is the type of self injury as it is carried out purposely.

Generally, girls are more interested in cutting and self injury but at the same time it should be noted that boys also perform this action for several reasons. We shouldn’t think that only girls go for self injury. Though it is a painful process, yet most of the people start doing it when they are teens. Many people who start it in their teenage stop this activity when they grow up and become an adult. However, there are some people who continue cutting even after they become adults. Main areas which are cut by these people are arms, wrists, legs and bellies. People usually don’t like to show the areas which they have cut but however the areas which they cut get some marks even after the cut or burn heals.

There are many reasons why people go for cutting and self injury, but some reasons are very common and similar in maximum people. Emotional depression is the biggest cause of cutting. Most of the people cut due to emotional depression which includes unsetting relationship problems, fight with any close one or misunderstanding with parents. Feeling of rage, loneliness and rejection may also lead to cutting due to depression. These people get so much depressed that they want to remove or divert their mind by cutting and self injuring. It should be noted that people who think that cutting is done with the motive of committing suicide, they are wrong. People, who cut, don’t generally do so with the motive of suicide but it may happen accidently.

As people go for cutting because of the depression or any other similar feeling, they can avoid this action if they share their problem with their close ones. People should share the problem with their friends and parents and ask for helping them in that matter. If they can’t share it with their known ones then they should go for counseling so that they can prevent cutting.