What is CVT or UPS

Electricity is the main source of power for electronic/electric instruments and machines. But the power supply that is available is full of disturbances. Such a supply which is full of disturbances is not right for the operation of a complex and accurate machine like the computer. For maintaining smooth and computer grade power supply two things are used namely

1. C.V.T. – Constant Voltage Transformer

2. U.P.S. – Uninterruptible Power Supply

1. C.V.T. – As the name suggests, a constant voltage transformer maintains a supply of 220 V AC at any cost. It is so designed that it absorbs all the shocks and disturbances present in the power supply and maintains a constant and smooth power supply. C.V.T’s are available in the market in different capacities. Normally a computer requires a CVT of 500 W or 0.5 KVA. Some other CVT’s are of capacity 250 W, 1000 W or 1KVA. A CVT is installed according to the load it is going to handle. Thus it acts as a voltage corrector and heart of the computer mains supply.

2. U.P.S. – A UPS is the combination of CVT and battery. It serves purpose of both CVT and battery. As the name suggests it maintains uninterrupted power supply to the computer even if electric supply goes off. When the main supply is on it acts as a C.V.T. by supplying ripple less and computer grade supply to the computer and when elec. Supply goes off it retains correct power supply to the computer with the help of batteries. Most UPS operate over a maximum period of several minutes to several hours. The power capacity of UPS ranges from a few watts to hundred kilowatts depending upon the needs of the system.

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