What Is Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying can be defined as the harassment done on individually or publicly through cell phones or online, like harassments done on the playground. Cyber bullying is caused due to the misuse of the technology related to the cell phones and online surfing.

Features of Cyber Bullying

Immediate sending of simple but humiliating or degrading pictures, or videos or messages, anonymously or through disguised identities of the bully, is the matter of misuse of the day by day increasing facility of online surfing and the cell phones. Cyber bully pose differently in all his harassing messages as sometimes he poses as a victim of some other bully and severally he pretends to be threatening to the receiver. The bullies harass the victims constantly through websites and messages and these harassing messages become difficult to remove from the network which spreads it very speedily. Cyber bullying, in fact, enables a weak person in bullying a stronger person, which he can not do in normal routine, as his identity is hidden. One can cross his limits through cyber bullying which is impossible usually.

Effects of Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is in fact the harassment of a subject through the latest technique of communication, internet and cell phones. Chat rooms, emails, SMS and social sites are mainly used by the executors of these cyber bullying. This act of harassment occurs mostly to the kids in the age group of 7-9 years. This type of harassment can be more serious than normal harassment. Cyber Bullying to the adolescent kids is done through the development of their identity, body images and harassments through text messages.

Reasons to be Cautious From Cyber Bullying

  • Cyber bullying should be taken care of as it can cause mental as wellas moral harassment to your kids, if they become its victims.
  • It may also cause damage to their self respect, sense of security and confidence.
  • Your kids may not tell you about being victim of cyber bullying as they fell ashamed to be on the sites on which they can not pretend to be.

Responsibilities of Parents

Parents should be vigilant to the suspicious mental condition of their kids as they are suffering with the bully’s acts without any of their fault. They should also act responsibly while loading any matter like picture on any website as usually kids get inspiration from their elders. They should help their kids in visiting the sites they like to, instead of refusing them to use internet themselves as it may annoy them and they get under duress. The kids must be taught about the use of internet in a healthy way. You should avoid blaming the victimized kids as they are not at any fault and help them to come out of all this mess.

Thus, Cyber Bullying is a kind of crime which tends the victim to suffer for a fault for which he is not responsible in any respect and which may cause mental, moral and physical tensions alongwith loosing self confidence and the feeling of security.