What is Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is used to describe the first Monday coming after the Friday coming immediately after Thanksgiving Day.  The sole reason of creation of Cyber Monday was to actuate people in general to make online purchase. As far as origination is concerned, it was first used in November 28, 2005. Just after Cyber Monday was launched, gained tremendous popularity that today it has become the biggest day with amount of online shopping done. 

The surveys done over thousands of online stores suggest there is a definite boom in online shopping on Cyber Monday.  Yet another reason why such humongous amounts of sales occur on that particular day is discount rates offered.  During year 2010 the total online shopping amounted $1.028 Billion on this day. Shop.org was behind introducing the term to world. It is one indispensable part of United States NRF. It was brought into existence after thorough research done to know the biggest internet shopping day of the year. What else they noticed that from December 5 to December 15, all around the world people make bigger online purchase. Shop.org owns the official website of Cyber Monday. As far as total expenditure is concerned, it has been recording sudden and consecutive rise every year.

Amazing Deals

While making online purchase during Cyber Monday you will find amazing deals, which possibly were never present throughout the year.  Such interesting deals are the reason that more and more people every year keenly wait for this day. General tendency on the public’s part to wait with such interest encourage store owners to offer such amazing deals. Thus, it becomes thoroughly beneficial day for both sellers and buyers. It often seems that outlets are offered with lose since prices are at astonishing low rates. It was a well planned strategy to stable the high rate of online sales during festival season. It was their answer to black Friday. Actually the idea of Cyber Monday uses the effect created through black Friday in maximum possible way. During the year 2010 more than 70% retailers took part and it increased to 88% in 2011.

What Makes Cyber Monday so Special?

There are some very obvious reasons, why number of people recognized this as an opportunity to make as much profits as possible. According to shop.org the key reasons are:

  • It is the time most of the customers try to bring everything that they forgot during thanksgiving.
  • Since Monday is a working day, consumers have direct and quite quick access to internet. And the basic requirement for online shopping is internet connectivity.
  • After your small rabbits are asleep at night, it’s easier to purchase more.
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