What is Dandruff

Dandruff is called to the flaky skin condition on scalp causing itchiness. It happens as cells on scalp keep on renewing making skin on the scalp all new. So, dandruff appears on the scalp when old dead skin is pressed to the bottom and out of scalp, making your skin look flaky. Scalp with dandruff is considered the scalp with faster renewal. It means on some skins more dead skin is discarded making skin more flaky and dandruff more noticeable as compared to others. The other reason of dandruff is severe temperature conditions if temperature is either very hot or cold, it may cause dandruff to appear on scalp. In this way, all in all, it is a very common process of skin renewal. Dandruff’s medical term is Pityriasis capitis and also called Scurf. On some healthy scalps these dead skin cells are too tiny to be seen. Dead skin cells come to surface once a month and replaced by new cells very quickly. On dandruff prone scalps these cells replacement procedure occurs every five to seven days, making skin more exposed to dandruff.

Dandruff is divided into two categories, these all are caused due to various medical conditions. Common dandruff is supposed to be linked to a fungus known as malassezia, which is normally there in the human scalp. The reasons for why fungus overgrows are still vague. Seborrhoeic dermatitis of the scalp is another form of dandruff. Seborrheic dermatitis, causes the scalp to becomes red and inflamed and the skin flakes off. This type of dandruff is harsher than common dandruff. Sunlight seems to relieve its symptoms as the condition is worse in winter and mitigated in summer, seborrheic dermatitis’s one form is cradle cap that occurs only in infants and before the baby turns one year old, it vanishes on its own.Psoriasis is another random type of skin disease of the scalp. In psoriasis, same as in normal dandruff skin becomes itchy and skin cells grow more quickly than normal. Scalp becomes thick and flaky.

Sometimes dandruff is caused by internal conditions like hormonal imbalance, stress, lack of sleep, hereditary or suppressed immune system. Some consider that it is caused by consumption of too much sugar and some linked it to allergies specifically to chocolate, dairy products and nuts.

External dandruff on other hand is the product of external changes. It appears If a person uses so much styling products, hair driers, hair straightners, hot curlers and coloring agents. In most of the population it is caused in the months of winter. It is also caused by indoors heating and quite often when scalp is not rinsed properly leaving residues of shampoo on it.

There are many medicated shampoos formulated in the market for dandruff control. Shampoos that contain the antibacterial and antifungal agent zinc prithione are effective in reducing the fungus that causes dandruff. Tar based shampoos Contains coal tar supposed to treat it by slowing skin cell turnover. Shampoos with salicylic acid are effective in reducing the scaling of skin cells, but they can leave the scalp dry.

Nutrition can play a important role in dandruff control. Lack of carbohydrates and fatty-acid metabolization might cause dandruff symptoms. To neutralize these deficiencies, vitamin Bproducts, Garlic and consumption of adequate amount of water are effective in fighting dandruff.

Causes Dandruff

Dandruff is a flaky thing that often sheds of from your scalp. In order to rid of dandruff, people use gauntlet of cosmetic products. However, in most of the time it does not help. They all are like short-term gains, leaving aside many harmful effects. Medically dandruff is also known as scruf or pityriasis simple capiliti that affects the skin and causes dandruff.

Our skin is regenerative in nature. In the case of scalp, when the skin cells are renewed the old surface cells are pushed off to the surface of scalp. These dead skins appear as dandruff. In the acute dandruff, the skin regeneration could be faster, leading to shedding of dead skin. Although, the same is also affected by the various other reasons, related to lifestyle and diet. If dandruff persists for a longer time then the reason could be chronicle. The person can retain the symptoms like redness of scalp and irritation. At times it also suggest the underlying illness or ailments, for instance it point to psoriasis, a fungal infection ( malassezia), seborrehic dermatitis, or even head lice.

However, dandruff is also caused to the psychological issues like stress, over excitement etc. Causes of dandruff
1. Sometimes dandruff is caused due to mismanagement of hair. People, who do not happen to comb or brush up their hair regularly, have a greater risk of dandruff. If you are not combing your hair properly then you restricting the removal of dead skin, from scalp that can cause dandruff.
2. Yeast is also one of the reasons behind the high risk of dandruff. The people who are yeast sensitive can get the dandruff at the seasonal basis. During winter, the ailment is worsened but in summer, the situation is better.
3. Dry skin is also one of the reason that causes dandruff. Especially during winters cold air, combined with the overheated rooms, makes the scalp dry. This initiates to develop the small flaky thing on the scalp.
4. Improper way of shampooing also causes dandruff. If there is not proper shampooing of hair it can lead to oily scalp, with a lot of dead skin cells.
5. Lack of balance diet also causes the critical condition of dandruff. According to nutritionist people who do not consume zinc, vitamin B or fats are more likely to suffer from the dandruff.
6. If you that you happen to use, some of the wrong cosmetic hair products, then you can prone to dandruff, due to the reaction and the bacterial growth.
7. Seborrheic dermitis: the people suffer from this ailment gets affected to the skin area like back of ears, eyebrows, side of the noses, and even scalp. This is critical situation where, patients get flaky white dandruff with the greasy patches over the skin.
8. Malassezia: it is kind of fungus, the secretes oil on the scalp. When the growth becomes out of control then it creates irritation with extra skin cells to die.

Treatment of dandruff • Eating the fresh fruits like apples, melons and pineapples, helps a lot in reducing dandruff • You must the way of eating vegetables. Vegetables should not be over cooked, as it loses the nutrient value from the diet. • Most of the caffeine products like tea and coffees lead to the dehydration of the body. Therefore, If you are suffering from the same, please cut down the consumption, of such products. • Eating balanced diet would also help you.

How Do I Prevent Dandruff

Dandruff is a mild skin condition which develops from the scalp and and creates skin flakes falling off the scalp. It is sometimes associated with an excessive growth of a fungus which is found on the scalp and skin, called Pityrosporum ovale. If we ponder deeply then we get to know as to why dandruff is caused? The skin cells keeps renewing and in such process the old cells or the dead cells come to the surface and shed out. For people with dandruff this renewal process is faster which results in larger amount of dead cells falling in the form of white flakes.

Causes of dandruff are many like:

  • Imbalance in the hormones.
  • Poor health and hygiene.
  • Deficiency in vitamin B or essential fatty acids.
  • Emotional or physical stress and anxiety.
  • Poorly managed diet.
  • Improper care in cleaning the scalp regularly.
  • Excessive use hair products.
  • Inadequate rest.

Prevention tips for dandruff

Dandruff is considered to be a non contagious or rather not a serious condition, however it could be embarrassing giving discomfort. Nevertheless, where there is a problem, there are remedies too for the same and same holds true in case of dandruff. There are several ways of dealing with dandruff like:

  • Brush your hair daily as regularly as possible.
  • Hair wash for at least thrice in a week helps.
  • Use medicated shampoos regularly and don’t forget to rinse after shampooing.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals which are present in hair colors and hair gels.
  • Make sure to increase intake of food rich in vitamin B6,B12,zinc as this reduces the recurrence of dandruff.Milk,eggs,brown rice,chicken,red rice are all rich in zinc.
  • Try and avoid switching between different brands of oil or shampoo.
  • Avoid eating spicy, oily, fried food.
  • Even intake of alcohol and caffeine contributes in formation of scalp hair oil.
  • The acid base balance in the body is affected by sweets which are acidic in nature and contrary to the hair which is alkaline. So control of sweets can help to an extent.
  • Always use Luke warm water to wash the hair which is neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Try and gently massage the scalp while oiling or shampooing. This helps in increased blood circulation which can prevent formation of scalp oil.
  • Exposure to a little sunlight is also effective on dandruff for the ultraviolet rays which gives an anti inflammatory effect on the scaly flakes.

Folklore and facts about dandruff

There are some false presumptions about dandruff. Here are some which can help one to go in right direction in treating the problem effectively.

  • Dandruff is not developed due to dryness of the skin. On the contrary, they create oil glands and hence the skin is not dry.
  • Although people shy away from using comb or hair products of people suffering from dandruff problem but the fact is that dandruff is not contagious. One cannot get dandruff from another person by using their products.
  • Also you need to know that regular wearing of hat could increase the dandruff condition which prevents the sweat from evaporating.

People suffering from dandruff problem should not worry too much and should head for treatment as this situation is curable.