What is DDS

Times have changed tremendously because of the rapid change in technology that we see in today’s times. Everything has become so compact and efficient due to the development of computers and computer related technologies. In the 20th century we used bank safes and other such items to preserve our important and secret documents. The population of the world is increasing and the amount of safes a bank can offer is not. Thus digitalization has proved as a much more efficient and faster method of storing these important documents. DDS or Digital Data Storage is truly the way of the future when it comes to storing all your data in one place and not having to worry about its safety.

To keep things in perspective, nowadays you get external hard drives that average around 1Tb in size. 1 Tb equals 1,000,000,000,000 bytes of data. If you have any idea how big a number that is, you will realize that the amount of data that one particular hard drive can store is enormous.  Making it easier for you to understand, when you type one single page, you type around an average of 2000 bytes of data. Thus just to finish the 1.5 Tb of memory you will need 750 million pages of data. If you are not impressed by that, the fact that you can carry those 750 million pages of data in your pocket surely must.

Understandably these numbers are mind boggling for someone who did not know these facts. Just to show how much resources you save by using this type of latest digital technology, an average of seventy five thousand tress must be cut to make the number of pages equivalent to save in 1Tb hard drive. Not just that, a 1Tb hard drive can literally swallow all of the works ever done by Shakespeare more than three hundred thousand times. Hard drives that are a little bigger than 1tb such as the 10 Tb ones can literally save the entire U.S congress library in it. Thus there is no need to mention just how compact these digital data storage items are.

These digital data storage devices such as the hard drives are not just compact but they are extremely efficient. You do not have to worry about them so much and at the same time all your precious documents and data can be safely saved onto one of these. Accessing these documents to is very easy. Just like how you would go to the bank in order to access your documents in the past you would simply connect your hard drive to the nearest computer, access them makes changes to them and then keep them away safely like before.