What is Debugging

Debugging is a method to locate the bugs and then fixing them which can be found in any computer program or a hardware device. To debug a program means is to start with a problem, isolate the problem and then fixing it. A bug is an error. If there is an error in a software program or in a hardware device, then it cannot run properly. It will cause some problem in some operations. A programmer must know how to fix the bugs and if he/she does not know about it, then he/she must know how to avoid this. Debugging is necessary in almost each and every software program and hardware devices. The software programs are tested in 2 phase. First phase is called as alpha testing which means that first the software is tested by the programmer himself or by a small unit of people.

If they find any problem, error or bug, then it is fixed. It is done before the software program is made public. Another phase that is the second phase of testing of a software program, it is called beta testing. Beta testing is done by making the program public. A beta version of the software program is made available to the public for testing. The users download these software programs at their own risk and use it. If they find any problems or bugs then these are reported to the developers. The bugs must be isolated in order to fix them.

The software should be checked properly. Each and every operation under various conditions should be checked and if there is any error, it should be noted and the conditions should also be noted like the operating system, the hardware components etc. Then they should be fixed. When all the bugs get fixed, then the original and the correct version of that software program can be released for the public. However, after that various versions are released for with major updates. It is not possible for the developer to check the software or hardware in every possible condition. So real time testing of software cannot be replaced by anything else. Each and every user of that program or hardware device will use it on different platforms. It will help the developers to debug the errors in a more efficient and quick way. a debug program is there to fix the errors. If a person is not aware of the techniques of debugging, then he can learn it by reading different books.

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