What Is Defragmenting a Computer

Defragmentation (also known as ‘defrag’) is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation in file system i.e. it re-arranges the files on the disk. Fragmentation happens to a hard drive over a period of time as the user continues to change, save or delete files. These changes are often stored at a location on the hard disk that is different from the original file and so the additional changes are. Both the file and the hard disk itself become fragmented, and results in slowing down of computer as it has to look in many different places to open a file.

Defragmentation of hard disk rearranges all the fragmented data which allows the computer to run faster. This is the reason that defragmentation is needed regularly as fragmentation effects the overall performance of the computer system which does not allows the hard disk to run as fast as it used to run before. As the hard disk is not able to run faster, it causes the operating system to slow down and this often results in a number of problems such as computer freezes, blue screen of death (BSD), system crash, and many other problems. Therefore, is it very important to defrag disk.

To defrag a hard disk, the user should ensure that he or she is not having any application in running state and should run a scan disk before proceeding to defragment. Defragmentation helps in creating larger regions of free space. Some defragmenters also try to keep smaller files within a single directory together, as they are often accessed in sequence.

This process puts back the related pieces of data together and leaves the computer’s free space collectively at one place so that the operating system can access the data faster. This allows the new files or folders to be saved in an organized and orderly fashion. The user should also ensure that the entire data on the computer has been backed up and cannot be lost. Then the user should run the process of check disk that ensures that the entire hard disk had been checked, scanned and fixed and then run the defragmentation process.

In the version of Windows, Disk Defragment can be set to run on a schedule so user don’t have to remember to run it, although the user can still run it manually or change the schedule which suits the user.