What is Dehydration

Though, the process of dehydration can be linked to any living or dead organism, but here, we would discuss about dehydration process and its effects in human beings. More than half of the human weight is because of the water. Though, it seems that human weight is because of flesh and bones, but it is not at all true. In fact, more than 70% of human weight is contributed by water.

Now, imagine if all the water taken out of a human body, then what will happen to that person. Nothing will happen, but that particular person will die, without any exception. Dehydration of the whole body is not required to kill a person. Even if a person loses 25% of his or her body liquid due to the process of dehydration, then he or she will succumb to the dehydration.

Dehydration is necessary for a human being. A person can’t live properly without dehydration, but excessive dehydration could be fatal. There are some natural process of dehydration occur in a human body. Pissing and sweating are the two most important dehydration processes. However, both of these processes are controlled. A human brain controls these dehydration processes by altering the salt concentration in the body.

How concentration of salt affects the dehydration process? Water and other liquids can only move from a less concentrated solution to a highly concentrated solution till the concentration of both of the solution becomes equal. The concentration, we are talking here is nothing but the salt concentration.

Take fresh water in a small compartment and separate them with a semi permeable membrane. Add some table salt in one side of the compartment. Then, you will find out that the water is moving from one side to another side. If you observe, then you will find out that water is moving from the side, in which you have added salt to the side, where there is no salt added. From this simple experiment, it is clear that one can control the process of dehydration, by altering the concentration of salt. When the dehydration process needs to be checked, the brain of a human concentrates the body fluid by releasing some special kind of hormones and does the reverse, when there is a necessity of dehydration.

There are some diseases like Cholera, which kills the patients by excessive dehydration. In case of these diseases, when a patient gets admitted into a hospital, physician advises to go for the saline water first of all. The saline water contains nothing but fresh water with some salt. Saline water serves dual purposes. First of all, it infuses some fresh water to a dehydrating body. At the same time, it adds salts to the patient’s body. The added salt helps the patient to retain his or her body fluid. 


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