What Is Delivery Time

Time taken to arrange product till delivery of the same to the end user is the “delivery time”. Service companies and production companies have considered delivery time as key performance indicator. Total number of calls or enquiries generated Vs total delivered is their delivery percentage. Probably that is the reason why service and production companies analyze and monitor the performance of delivery time. They identify issues involved in honoring delivery time and work towards achieving the same.

For example, in service industries customers will be communicated on estimated repair time and in production or manufacturing segments, clients will be informed of estimated delivery time. They will have systems may be maintained in mere excel spreadsheet or sophisticated software tool where they register inquiry date and communicate auto generated or manually generated number for their reference.

Customers walk in with their need of particular product, hence very keen about delivery time. In this world of competition several companies produce similar products; however clients will not compromise with price, quality and delivery time. Quickest delivered companies are most often contacted. Such companies will have well equipped manpower and machines to meet timeliness of clients. In case of heavy materials, customers need pre preparation like wiring, location, to be free for receipt of material and certainly expect vendors to communicate on estimated delivery time.

Main impact on delivery time is three important factors:

  • Proper Planning: Time taken to produce or repair a product
  • Packing: Time taken to pack the product, keep it ready for shipment.
  • Shipment: Proper shipment method, consumes lower delivery time, hence creates customer satisfaction.

Employees’ performances are linked with delivery internally. Nevertheless, such systems not only measures employee performance but also help employees to enhance their levels of competencies. Companies have invested in helping the curiosity and eagerness of clients by providing a system, wherein they themselves can trace and track their product’s delivery. Every company is working in sync with customer demands. Delivery time is also called “event cycle” in certain companies. Companies should take care of consistent tracking of estimated delivery time, if it can be delivered before estimated time customer will be satisfied. At times due to whatsoever the reason may be, if companies fail to keep commitment in delivering a product within estimated time, then unsatisfied customer is created. He needs to be given premium amount of care to keep him in fold.

Postal systems drastically improved and are one of the successful modes of transferring mails. This is trusted way of communication.

“The ultimate delivery of goods to customers is what we are judged on as a company, so we are extremely pleased to have found a trustworthy network to help maintain our reputation.”-  Says Tony Fierek, distribution manager, Trade Appliances.