What is Depression

When a person undergoes depression he loses enthusiasm. He does not want to mix with people around him and does not talk more. The people usually become very introvert when they are depressed and do not want to share their feelings with anybody. They constantly feel sad, become implusive on small things, low-esteemed, despaired, and feel lonely.

A person experiences major depressive syndrome when he is not able to sleep adequately, when he cannot concentrate in his work, cannot enjoy any activities, and becomes forgetful. Under some circumstances his body even does not function normally. Some people experience depression in an episode and some people face it recurrently.

Dysthymic disorder is a condition where a person experiences depression for a longer period but in a milder way. He may experience this problem for two years or more than two years. Such people have strange behavior patterns and do not mix with people easily. Psychotic depression is a condition that is characterized by symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, and thinks about some unreal happenings.

Some woman even experience depression after giving birth to a child but this problem may last for a short-period. But some woman experiences this problem for a longer period also because the cause for problem is unknown. This type of disorder is known as ‘postnatal depression’ syndrome.

Some people develop a sad feeling just because they live in an area that does not consist of enough sunlight. Some people develop a sad feeling during winter seasons because they long for enough sunlight. They often recall the bad incidents that took place in the past. This syndrome is known as seasonal affective disorder. There can be many reasons like if someone is discouraged by house member continuously then the person can go in depression. Mostly in case of men the reason can be stress, unemployment, sexually unsatisfied. In female it can be emotional reasons like not getting married etc.

When a person experiences mood swings or becomes either extremely happy or extremely sad then this feeling is known as bipolar disorder.

The symptoms for depression differ from syndrome to syndrome. But some symptoms are faced commonly by the people who suffer from depression.

  • The person experiences restlessness.
  • The person feels inferior about himself
  • He does not develop interest in sex
  • He cannot remember some important aspects of life, becomes forgetful and cannot make decisions easily.
  • He is not able to sleep adequately.
  • He may even develop the thought of committing suicide.
  • His eating patterns change drastically
  • He does not feel energetic.

The person with any type of depression can be treated. A person suffering from mild depression syndrome may be treated with medication. A person suffering with severe depression syndrome can be treated with clinical treatment. If you want to know the type of syndrome, you are suffering from then you must consult a doctor. A doctor usually conducts test, interviews, and lab tests, to know the type of syndrome you are suffering from.