What Is Dermatitis

Dermatitis comes from the Greek word skin for derma and it’s meaning inflammation, therefore it’s a condition in which the skin is irritated and gets inflamed. This condition comes in different types though some types are usually more common than others depending on the type of allergens that has caused the condition. The most common type of this allergic reaction is eczema dermatitis evident in children and adolescents. The symptoms depend on the type of dermatitis that one is suffering from but  all forms of this condition has some constant signs which range from bumpy rashes, blisters and skin rashes. Usually a person suffering from these conditions will exhibit redness on their body skin, oozing and scarring on the skin affected and itching with some swellings. When the type of dermatitis is due to contact the part that was in contact with the affected person is the one that usually exhibits the signs unlike other parts of the skin which remains ordinary. Contact dermatitis will mostly affect only one localized part such as the neck, thigh, groin area or more rarely the vulva area. The signs of contact dermatitis usually come and go but they can be very intense and hard to ignore as the skin is quite painful.

Other signs especially of a topical dermatitis may include itchy dry and cracked skin which is red due to inflammation. The folds of the skin are some of the preferred places for this type of dermatitis and it’s not uncommon to have cracks behind the ears knees and hands as result of the disease. In other cases there may be stinging and burning sensation of the skin and the bumps that appear on the skin are usually asymmetrically arranged on the skin. Health experts say that the condition is usually as results of both irritants and also due to genetical factors but other factors may contribute to the condition. The bad news with this condition is that once the person becomes allergic to the condition they are likely to remain allergic to the specific allergen for the rest of their lives.

Some products that are used in everyday life can at times lead to this condition such as kerosene which causes the skin to be dry and it may remain inflamed for a long period of time. Steroid use for extended periods of time has been proved to be one major cause of dermatitis mostly a topical or their use can make the condition worse and chronic. Though the condition is treatable with the right diagnosis usually the possibility of a rebound is quite common.

Among the rarer forms of dermatitis is one type that is attributed to stress and others factors such as being exposed to a new environment such as when one travels. Poor immune system is one of the major contributing factors to most types of dermatitis and hence the condition is quite common in people with a low immune system. Dermatitis can be treated with corticosteroid creams, wet compresses among others, avoiding irritants is also advisable.