What is Desonide Lotion

Due to skin problems there can be itching, discomfort, swelling and redness and to treat it desonide lotion is used and it is a topical corticosteroid. It is available in the form of a lotion, cream or ointment. According to National Institutes of Health it works by activating some of the body natural substances.

To use this lotion firstly shake it and then apply the prescribed quantity of it on skin and then accurately rub it. It is applied directly on the skin and it should be kept away from eyes, nose and mouth. Its effect on skin will appear after two weeks. It should be applied 2 or 3 times a day. Do not bandage the affected area unless your doctor has told you. If tour doctor tells you to wrap the affected area then following points should be kept in mind:-

Firstly wash the area or soak, it in water. When skin is moist, and then gently rubs this medication on it. Cover the area with plastic wrap. Plastic should be hold in place you can use gauze or elastic bandage or adhesive tape on the normal skin. Then seal the edges of the plastic. If the affected area is moist then you can partially unseal it. Leave the plastic wrap as long as the doctor has prescribed. Clean the skin and re-apply the desonide lotion each time a new plastic wrapping is applied.

If you have any allergy to desonide then you should tell your doctor. If you are pregnant, breast-feeding or planning to become pregnant then you should consult to your doctor. Any person who is suffering from diabetes, circulatory problems or any immune system related problems should avoid using it.

The main side-effects of this lotion are:-

It can cause stinging, burning, itching skin, dryness and peeling. Redness, swelling, severe rash and oozing pus.

Children using desonide lotion may experience delayed weight gain and slowed growth.

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