What Is Dextroscoliosis

Dextroscoliosis is a spine disease when the spine gets a curvature to the right. If the curvature is to the left it is called levocoliosis. The disease is called scoliosis. Looking at a person afflicted by the affliction from the front or back the curvature can either be like the letter C or an S. This is different from the view of the person from the side. This affliction comes mostly to children whose body and including the bone is in a state of growth.

 The onset of the disease cannot be seen immediately because the spine and vertebrae are internal organs, the changes will be quite subtle. Besides the person suffering from scoliosis may not feel any pain. The first symptom appears when there is difficulty in correctly fitting the clothing or dress. One shoulder is noticeably lower. Generally, the symptoms can be identified only by a person who some knowledge about scoliosis. The disease may be hereditary in which case the condition of the children should be monitored regularly.      

 There are various types of this disease depending on the cause. It may be the result of a person suffering from any other problem in the skeleton such as difference in length between the two legs. Called functional scoliosis, this is a natural cause for the spine getting curved. Treatment is for the first problem, it will naturally cure the scoliosis. The second cause may be a person’s medical condition like dystrophy. This is called neuro muscular scoliosis. In majority of cases occur without any reason.

 The disease occurs among various age groups. Scoliosis occurring in children below the age of 3 is referred to as infantile scoliosis that occurring in between the ages 3 and 10 is called juvenile scoliosis and for those above ten years getting the disease, is called adolescence scoliosis. In some cases both dextroscoliosis and levocoliosis may be present in the same person. After a physical examination, a physician takes x-rays and from the pictures obtained measures the angles of the curve.

 Infantile scoliosis is only monitored. Others forms are treated according to the degree of curvature.  Only monitoring is needed if the curvature is less than 25 degree. You need a back brace if the curvature happens to be 25 to 40 degrees. The back brace is worn from the underarms reaching the lower back. It is quite effective in reshaping the spine but cannot completely cure it. If the curve is more than 40 degree you may need surgery involving implantation of rods for strengthening of the vertebrae.