What is Dial-Up Internet Access

Dial Up internet access is one of the many ways by which a user can have access to the internet. This connection is made possible through standard telephone lines. These telephone lines are connected to the modem which is attached to the computer and the other end is inserted into the phone jack. The computer is configured to dial a specific number provided by the internet service provider (ISP), the user is able to access the internet on your computer.

Dial up internet service is provided through several ISP. The internet service providers provide the user with a set of telephone number which is either national or local and makes the user able to set up a dial up connection. This connection allows the user to receive and send email, search the World Wide Web, and other services as well which includes participating in chat rooms and plenty of other features.

It is one of the cheapest methods of connecting to the internet but it compromises with the speed it provides to the users as it is slow as compared to other methods used to connect to the internet. These are used for specific tasks only in which there is no need of having too much high bandwidth.

These are widely available and the plan which user can opt is either compared to that of a local cell phone or can be a monthly plan with a limited time frame. This requires only standard phone line to connect which makes it quite demandable especially in the areas where Wi Fi connection is not available. The hardware cost is also minimal as these connections require only a standard modem and most laptops already come up with in- built modem.

There are some of the disadvantages of Dial up connections. The disadvantages are as follows:

The connection speed is slow as compared to other connection types. The telephone line cannot be used for phone calls while accessing the internet. In this case if someone calls the user, then he or she will be getting the busy signal. These connections transfer data over analogue line so before sending the data, it has to be first converted from digital to analog and before receiving the data, it has to be converted into analog to digital which acts as an overhead and thus affects the speed of the dial up connection.

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