What is Diarrhea

In most of the developing countries infant deaths are happening due to this disease.  A virus named rotavirus causes the infants to suffer with diarrhea and hospitalizes them instantly. In order to overcome the situation, patient must be treated well with rehydration salts and zinc tablets so that to a maximum extent situation can be controlled.  Most of the children were saved using this type of treatment. World Health Organization has defined this as 3 or more loose stools per day.  Changes in the frequency of bowel movements and looseness of the stool can be observed to confirm the situation as Diarrhea.  It shall be differentiated from four other situations.  

They are incontinence of stool in which there won’t be any control of the stool and bowel movements.   Rectal urgency is another situation in which the movement of bowels is strong and there will be an incontinence of stool can be observed.  Other condition includes that the feeling of incomplete evacuation.  It will be very horrible to bear such situation and the last of all is that bowel movements immediately after taking diet.

Frequent bowel movements rather than the normal syndrome are the main symptom of the diarrhea.   Generally healthy man will have one to three bowels every day. When the number increases greater than three, diarrhea can be expected for such individual.  Some symptoms can be seen before and gradually the influence of the virus increase and number of bowel movements will also increase.  Large amounts of liquids will get secreted from the body and the stool varies from soft to watery.  Stomach secretes large amounts of water.  The food which is not digested will reach the lower small intestine in  liquid form.  The small intestine and colon absorbs the water turns the food which was not digested in to a more or less solid stool.

Diarrhea at the beginning stage will not show much affect.  Proper care and use of medicines shall make it last from few days to a week. But chronic diarrhea can suffer the patient up to a maximum of three weeks.  After finding the symptoms, immediate diagnostic tests shall be conducted and the treatment shall be given accordingly.

Diarrhea will be caused by virus, bacteria and other parasites.  Food poisoning happens through bacteria and new medicines may also cause this situation.  Some patients may also suffer with nausea, vomiting, cramps of abdomen etc.,  there are many complications if you neglect the symptoms at the beginning itself.  Excessive loss of fluids and minerals from the body makes you dull.  Intake of food will be controlled and the dehydration lets them weak and meager.  Thirst and dry mouth can be observed in the patients suffering with diarrhea.