What is Disaster Recovery

Disasters that occur to us are either human induced or natural. A disaster recovery is nothing but a procedure to overcome or recover from that disaster and is opted by firms and organizations suffering from the same. A disaster recovery plan is a part of Business Continuity Plan of an organization which has other plans like Business Resumption plan, Occupant emergency plan, incident management plan, or continuity of operation plan. Disaster recovery is only possible if the steps taken for recovery by the government are followed accordingly and in scheduled time.  

A catastrophic disaster could result in the damage of a variety of facilities, access of the employee to those facilities, production hindrance, high employee cut off rate and various other factors. The disaster recovery process is a set of rules which defines the processes to ensure that the business infrastructure continues to run at a normal rate and that the recovery to the catastrophe be an easy one which does not hinders the company’s growth rate too much. It is wise to mention certain elements which are the instruments of the Business recovery plan:

1. It is advisable to maintain a planning group which will go about the planning to process out the recovery.

2. Accessing the risks associated with the plan and auditing the same is required.

3. Development of strategies pertaining to development of the organisation hit by the catastrophe.

4. Documentation of the plan and inventory management is yet another important issue to be dealt with.

5. Dealing with the criteria’s which could help in the implementation of the plan and re addressing the strategies for a final involvement.

6. Lastly, implementation of the plan is the motive and has to be achieved.

This disaster recovery plan (DRP) restores the operation of the system after analysing the concurrent system processes to be put into consideration at the same time. The objective is to return the organisational capabilities to its initial state as soon as possible. Since IT infrastructure in the basis of almost all the well-developed organizations, the Disaster recovery plan should be an IT focussed plan. Restoration of all the essential data and backup files should be maintained so as to meet the IT requirements also. Customers and a heavy sum amount of money could suffer a loss due to any disaster occurring in important organizations. Hence it is important for all firms based on customer handling to have a disaster recovery plan so that it ensures minimum financial and productive loss and helps in restoring the benefits in the shortest minimum time possible so as to preserve customer satisfaction and loss.

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