What is Disney World

Are you searching for a hotspot, where you can have all the fun you wanted? I mean that there are so many amusement and theme parks in the world. But what about a large, mammoth park that has something for everyone. Ocean Park at Hong Kong is one such park. This is a larger theme park with attractions and adventures for both kids and grown-ups. But closer home to USA, there is an equally entertaining and lively theme park. This is named as the Walt Disney World, or Disney World. This is not just a theme park. In fact, Disney World is a large park that is made up of smaller theme parks. These parks and attractions really make the Disney World world-famous.

The park became a big sensation following its ambitious inception in 1971. Other than the sensational and thrilling attractions and rides, the Disney World is also a large entertainment resort attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world. As of now, the Disney World boasts of 23 resorts, which lie together with the pools, exotic adventure theme parks and other spectacular rides. This extraordinary marvel of entertainment and amusement was the vision of the late and great Walt Disney himself. He had desired that the large theme park should also double up as an entertainment resort for travelers. In fact, the pioneering cartoonist had also wanted it to become a full-fledged city.

The theme parks within the perimeter of the Disney World resort are a big hit with almost everyone from kids to entire families. In fact, many newly married couples also consider visiting any of the Disney World’s theme parks for their honeymoons. The Magic Kingdom Park is built like Cinderella’s Castle. On the other hand, the much popular Epcot Theme Park is known for the Spaceship Earth attraction. Both are immensely popular with kids, couples and perfect for family trips and tours. There are also the Disney Hollywood and Disney Animal Kingdom. They are also famous attractions for families.

We move on to the water parks within the large Disney World Resort walls. The Typhoon Lagoon is a spectacular place, where you can have a big splash with water slides and pools. These are also places, where you can try out your general swimming skills and abilities. The Blizzard Beach is well-served by its name. This is because it has a big wave pool that makes it look like a stunning seaside itself.

These parks are not the only attractions within Disney World resort. There are also some good attractions for the more serious grownups. There is a nice and wide open golf course where the men can play their strokes. There is also a race circuit known as the Disney World Speedway and a sports complex for some popular sports and games.

What is the Difference Between Disney World and Disneyland

Walt Disney was the gem of a person. His creations like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck have become largely famous as urban legends. There have been many animated films made on the creations of the famous cartoonist. So, in reverence for this famous personality, there have been many memorials for tributes. In fact, the enterprising Walt Disney looked over the building of the Disney theme parks and amusement parks. He had supervised the layout and construction of both Disney World and the Disneyland theme park. But people confuse one with the other park.

So, here are some facts about the two hot tourist destinations. What should you begin with? It is important to know the fundamental differences between Disneyland and Disney World. Walt Disney was the one to make sure that the two destinations were fundamentally different from each other. The Disney World is actually a large and mammoth resort, where there are a large number of theme parks and water parks. On the other hand, Disneyland is merely an amusement park itself. The Disneyland Theme park is filled with many attractive and exotic wonders and trips. One fact is that much of Disneyland feels like any of the theme or amusement parks built in America and Europe. There are roller coaster rides, giant wheels and other spectacular trips, which will really entertain and excite you for hours. Most of the themed attractions have been modeled on some of Disney’s famous films. For instance, the Splash Mountain took cue from an early Disney film.

Today, it is one of the best and most entertaining trips in the whole of Disneyland. It is perfect for kids and the grown-ups as well. The Disneyland also has the option of being toured in a monorail or a toy train. The toy train is also called as Disneyland Railroad. The kids love it to go around with this train. There are also other trips like the one modeled on the famous Mickey Mouse. The Disney World, in contrast, is a large theme park resort. This was also built by the vision of Mr. Walt Disney as well. He had intended it to be a large resort filled with theme parks and amusements. He had also wanted it to be with resorts and inns, which would bring in more tourists from the rest of the world. So, his vision endured and Disney World was created in a similar format. Among the theme parks, the kids and their parents can choose between Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Cinderella’s Castle.

There is also the world famous tourist attraction known as Epcot. This is an amazing theme park designed like a spaceship. For the more serious grownups, there are also extensive golf courses and parks. Among the resorts, the tourists can choose between luxury resorts, medium budget resorts and other resorts as well. There are also restaurants and nightclubs for people in Disney World as well.