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Do you know what an animal theme park is? It is a park that is a cross between a zoo and an amusement park. This means that any animal theme park will have both spectacular amusement park rides and trips to the animal enclosures and zoos. These parks have become a big hit with families, who like to bring their kids along. The kids and grownups can enjoy both the high-rise rides as well as the animals who are also a part of the trip. But when it comes to animal theme parks, nothing beats the famous Animal Kingdom park in Disney World. Here is a good look at the sights which the Animal Kingdom will offer.

When you enter into the Disney Animal Kingdom, you will find soon one of the main landmarks of the park. This is the looming Tree Of Life. This Tree is a tree that grows right up into the sky. It is an artificially created tree that has also been designed with floors and levels. These levels have been made similar to the branches of trees. The first attraction is the Oasis. This is a place, where you can get a sight of the species like ducks, spoonbills, anteaters and other exotic creatures. The Oasis also has the Rainforest Cafe. This cafe has been designed like the midst of the mesmerizing rainforest. So, it will be quite an experience.

The major attraction is the Discovery Island at the center of the Animal Kingdom park. The Discovery Island is known for its luxurious souvenir shops and eateries. It is also popular as an enclosure for some popular beasts like kangaroos, lemurs and black crowned cranes. This is also a place where tourists are shown the hit 4-D film ‘It’s Tough To Be A Bug’. The Camp Minnie-Mickey is also quite a popular attraction with the little kids and children. There is also an attraction that centers around the flora and fauna of Africa. Here, you can see some of the finest exhibits of animals like gorillas and hippopotamuses, which are usually seen only on African safaris.

The most famous attraction in the Disney Animal Kingdom is Rafiki’s Planet Watch. This attraction is named after the wise and wizened mandrill preacher from the Lion King movies. This attraction is aimed at preserving one of the most endangered and vulnerable species in the world. This is the species of the cottontop tamarin monkeys. There is also a place called as Conservation Station. This is where the travelers will be shown the process of species conservation undertaken by the Disney park authorities. There is also the Affection Section, which houses some of the more well-known species of domestic animals.

Asia is another exotic trip like Africa. It has been designed with attractions, which have themed after the famous landmarks of the continent. There is a ride themed after the Mount Everest, which is quite popular among people. There is also an entertaining and lively Maharajah Jungle Trek. In this, you can trek your way through enclosures of amazing species like fruit bats, tapirs and predators. There is also the enthralling Kali River Rapids, which is a nice chase on the waters. Also, the roller coaster ride on the Mount Everest is a hit among people. So, go ahead and grab such exotic wonders at the Disney Animal Kingdom.

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